free energy devices available for the world now


Free Energy Devices That Actually Work 

Available NOW?

We hear much about new energy sources.

If you are not familiar with The Keshe Foundation, the following video is an interview with Kerry of Project Camelot.  According to MT Keshe, free energy devices that actually work are available now.

(A video interview with Kerry at Project Camelot was here – but was removed and I am unable to show.) July/2021


 Please be sure to visit his  “Peace Roadmap” if you visit the Keshe Foundations website.

The world is getting smaller due to the accessibility of the internet.  We are learning information about what is happening globally at any given moment.  Our connections, technologically, have given us an opportunity to discover more about what is happening around our planet in the free energy devices that actually work field.

The  new education philosophy that MT Keshe is implementing, sounds very interesting.  

We know that our education systems need some changes to adapt to today and the future of our planet.   Here is his link to Spaceshipinstitue.org.  I believe that “interactive learning” is effective for any one of us.  We learn much better by being involved versus sitting in a room only using our ears and eyes.  Becoming actively involved in any project or aspect of learning, gives us another connection to learning.  Sharing is becoming the new paradigm.  Sharing between diverse groups, as in the learning by teaching paradigm, is proving to be of value for all parties involved.

classroom in seatsvs.

interactive learning

With all of the information that MT Keshe gives us in this interview and offers us on his website, the idea that free energy is available to us NOW begins to take shape.  Whether you believe what MT Keshe says or not, the idea of Free Energy for the world brings a smile to my heart.  Many of us have studied Tesla’s information and understand that free energy has been around for our use for some time.

The Information about  Peace Roadmap, described on the website, is beautiful and I hope people read his information with an open heart.  I for one, am very tired of seeing suffering of our beautiful planet and beings.  War has been happening since I have been alive and beyond.  We now have an opportunity to connect like never before and share our gifts to make a social change that will bring us together and not pull us apart.

So, it appears that free energy devices that actually work are available NOW.

It seems it is up to us to decide what we do next.

Thanks for reading.


Best of Luck Always!

Peace is The Answer

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By Debbie Foster

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