learning music and brains

Learning Music & Brains….

What Do We Know?


music learning and brainsWhat do we know about

Learning Music and Brains?


Technology has given us so much new information, we can now begin to understand how important learning different things in our lives affect us, and even how our brain functions depending upon what we are learning.

Education today is so important in all phases of a person’s life.  We never stop learning and when we understand how important learning is to the development of our brains, we want all children to learn an instrument.  All children should have an opportunity to explore how to play an instrument especially now that we know how learning music and brains interact.

Now that we understand the importance of developing the capabilities inherent in how learning music and brains’ functions.

I found this video on a wonderful site called PlayingForChange.org.  Be sure to watch the following video and learn more about this foundation helping to give music education to children all over our planet.

Playing For Change Day is September 23, 2017.

Do you have musical talent that you would like to share with someone?

Now we understand just how beneficial helping another learning how to play music and our brains’ functioning really are, we might want to get more involved with those that would like to learn.  Are there kids in your area that would love to learn music?  Many of our music programs are losing their funding in one way or another.

Music is a very important part of our lives.  We can connect through music in ways that we may not even understand.  We can understand now that windows open within our brain when we learn music in any form.  We have a great opportunity to help others learn a new way of looking at the world.

Musical talents are gifts and sharing with others is a gift to ourselves.

Thanks for reading.

D.Foster and Friends.

Thinking about gettting involved in your community to help get more music education in your area?

Here is a great idea !!

Start a Woodsongs Coffeehouse in your area.  

Learn about new singer/songwriters and give your community a chance to show off their own talents.  Incorporating music lessons to your Woodsongs Coffeehouse can bring new ideas to young and old in your community.

Find Out More :  Woodsongs CoffeeHouse Projects

If you are in the Payson, AZ, area:  I invite you to find me on Mentoring.org  –  Search for Payson, AZ



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