Scholarships, Internships, Apprenticeships 2018


Scholarships, Internships, Apprenticeships


Scholarships, Internships, Apprenticeships are in the conversation for 2018.  

With jobs being lost by so many and so many of our young being unable to find competitive employment opportunities, it is exciting to see President Trump’s Executive Order for Apprenticeships.  Who knew, back when he had his television program that Apprenticeships would be moving to such a forefront place in our society?  YEA!!


America has been outsourcing all of it’s jobs, which has left our country needing to become self sufficient again.


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Find Information to help you get the  Scholarship, Internship or Apprenticeship that best fits you in 2018.


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2017 Troops to Trades Training Grants and Scholarships


2017 Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship


Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship Program


HVAC Scholarship Programs


National Housing Endowment Student Scholarships


2017 Technicians in Residential Plumbing, HVAC or Electrical Scholarship


Women in HVACR Scholarship Program


World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program


Our Skilled Trades are disappearing around us.  There is need for our talented, experienced individuals/businesses  to get more involved with the education process.  We do not want to lose our skilled trades, such as plumbers, electricians, welders, tree trimers, dog groomers,  airline pilots, barbers, seamstress, etc……    We have lalent to create a strong infrastructure within this country.  Some of these talents have been passed down through families for years.  Our programming has made automatic responses to what we expect from our lives.   Going to college has been part of many parent’s dreams for their children for many years.  Getting a job and staying with one company until retirement has also been part of our programming over these many decades.  

Our country’s  needs and our individual needs no longer fit into this particular paradigm.  Skilled trades are what makes us great.  Creating viable jobs, that are needed, is a must for our country to recover from many of the difficulties that  families are dealing with these days.   Thank you for sharing.  Debbie Foster 


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