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From Free Energy

To Peace

To Freedom For All


October 26, 2015

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Is it possible for us to go from FREE Energy – To Peace – To Freedom For All ?

The mission of The Keshe Foundation is to make this happen

 The opportunity for all nations to participate in this Peaceful Revolution of FREE Energy has been given.

We will see the reactions of our governments around the world.

*(actually, I have added a link to the October 16, 2015, Ambassador’s Meeting In Italy describing

Keshe’s free energy gifts and the Peace Treaty that he is asking nations to sign below )

The Keshe Foundation had their meeting with all the nations ambassadors last night.  I must admit that even though I have read about Mr. Keshe and his free energy proposal for peace around the world, I still do not totally understand exactly how it works.  The free energy for all of us is very exciting, but what really excites me is the Peaceful Intention this Free Energy is offered to all of us.  My understanding of what he was saying last night, October 16, 2015, is that there is no fee for individuals for the devices, and Peace is all that is asked for from our governments.  As I watched last night, for every system he handed to the Ambassadors of about twenty countries, his emphasis was always on getting this energy source to the world’s people.  Signing a peace treaty moves us closer to our freedom.  (There was a representative from the United States at this meeting last night in Rome.)   The conference was called  “Free Energy in Response For Peace”.  

Yes, this really can change everything for our planet.  The systems that have been driven by greed will lose their revenue sources.  This is a very exciting change that will change our world.  We must wait and see what countries are ready and willing to move toward toward peace through this Free Energy Source.

So, from free energyto peace

to freedom for all is a road that is open to us.  

path to peace
Free Energy-To Peace-To Freedom For All




We do live in an exciting world today.  Changes for the better that some of us never dreamed would ever be,  are here.

Share this information.  There is hope for humanity to live without control of those that want to control us.

Wishing you all much happiness.

We are on a path to Peace and Freedom For All!


Here is a link to the Ambassador’s meeting recording- October 16, 2015:



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By Debbie Foster

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