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We Are The Energy That Creates……….

I am hearing that a lot lately, but if  “We Are The Energy That Creates” then a thinking person must askCareer Passion themselves, why don’t I have what I want to create, NOW?

Next question:  “Do I really believe that we have the energy to create what we want?”

Some of us may answer this question with the question of, “Do I believe I have the energy to be a creator?”

My answer is that “I want to believe that  I have the energy to be a creator and create the world the way I would like it to be. “

New Questions:     What is stopping me from this believing that I have the energy to create?

Words like Doubt, Alone, Individual, only me, little me, one person   show up in my thoughts.   Then I get additional words show up and the biggest word of all is Fear.  When Fear shows up I can feel it in my stomach.  It begins to feel like a gnawing in my stomach.  I feel my heart race and the feeling that I need to run.  Fear is a very powerful feeling.


time for change is nowWhen Fear shows up the Doubt begins to grow and we stop believing in our own energy to create.

Our culture has been designed around fear.  When we see people stand up for what they believe in, we see people acting in a way toward them that cannot be considered creative energy.   We see individuals working from doubt again, without giving respectful creative thoughts an opportunity to be heard.

For many years, we have watched the news which seems to always show the negative side of life.  We are raised that we must have insurance because we will need it, we must arm ourselves against those that want to steal from us, and that we must protect our hearts and our money from those that are planning to deceive us.  There is not much to be learned about believing in ourselves to be creation energy.  That only leads us to the doubt and fear feelings in our bodies.

Creating cannot be built upon feelings of fear and doubt.   

It seems that the world in which we live has given us just enough fear and doubt that we have been thinking that we are not the energy of creation.  Instead we have been looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems.

The truth is the answers can only come from inside of ourselves.

Our energy must be the energy that creates because each one of us have their own ideas of what creates their own happiness and joy.

Happiness and Joy are what we experience when we create.

As I am writing, I am realizing how to create the Belief That:

I Am The Energy That Creates My Happiness and Joy


You Are The Energy That Creates Your Happiness and Joy.

So ……………

Together – We Are The Energy That Creates Our Happiness and Joy.

Thanks for Reading –


Thanks To You Are Creators

Best of Everything To You – Always

Let’s Create A World of Peace, Happiness and Joy – Together

Debbie Foster

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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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