Looking Back On The Past 7 Years.
What Have We Seen?
Does It Seem That We Are Experiencing Changes All Around Us?

Remember all the discussion of the Mayan Prophecy and talk of The Appocalypse?

At the time, I started a blog, 2012 WhatIf.com.  Great Name – I thought.  Well, here we are 7 years later and it would still be a great name for a blog.  But, I let it go over these years.   🙂

It is still an important question, and it would be a great idea to consider now that we can look back over these past 7 years.   

 It is almost like, we can do one of those moments:

If I Only Knew Then – 

What I Know NOW!!!!

mayan calendar

So many people expected the End Of The World.  When we take the time to really understand what the Mayan people were saying, we begin to understand, they were not talking about the end, but the beginning. 

Are we beginning to understand that it is the opening up of a better future for an Awakened Community of living beings?  I believe this is true.  Ride this wave.


For those of you that understand that there is a process as to how what we are seeing around us has evolved, not just through happen stance: but a clear directive, history becomes clearer, simply by opening our mind.  I was actually a Sociology/Psychology major in college, so watching how we are progressing is part of my mindset and I threw away my PsychologyToday magazine a long time ago.  

When we  are children we are very adaptable to what society shows us.  When I was growing up there were toys for boys getting them ready for war, fighting and “the real world”.  There was television teaching about cops and robbers and many other influences that seemed to divide our roles as “boys” and “girls”

the great awakening

Over the years, we have been taught beliefs, customs, expectations, judgements and devisive thoughts, regarding our differences.  I believe our differences are what makes us unique for others to meet.  Others can learn from our differences and workng together we can come up with new ideas.

Most people have both feminine and male traits.  When we consider what makes most living beings happy, we  really don’t have that many differences no matter our religious preference, location of origin, sex, and any of these reasons that we find to divide us.  

Safe, Warm, Lives.  

Our Physical Needs Met,

 Protection For Those We Love, and a Happy Life.


the great awakening

Why Do We Have All These Wars If Living Beings Only Want To
Live ---------Happy Lives With Loved Ones?

What Were We Watching?

What Have We Been Watching ? ....................Why?

Behaviorist debate over the many influences that television has on who we are as a society.  Was there “directed programming” in what we were watching?

I remember a television coming into my home in the 1950’s ………..and I was hooked!

Be sure to check out the following article:

“10 Ways Television Has Changed American Culture.” , by HowStuffWorks.com

New Perspectives

How Much Has Television Influenced Our Perceptions
Over All These Years?

Could Television Be Controlling Our Thought Processes?

One thing that many of us learned over these past 7 (seven) years, is that 90% of all the media outlets are owned by only 6 companies.  

You may not know how controlled our media really has become over the past few years.  Below is an article that explains the fact that what we see and what we hear is very tightly controlled.  

We do have alternative media sources at this point, but we need to be very aware that our freedom of speech is in jeopardy at this very moment. 


breaking out of the box


6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans Consume 10 Hours Of “Programming” A Day

How could this fit in with some of our perceptions today?  

Could our informational sources be directing our thoughts or responses to the situations we see?

Programmed control is not always  easily recognized, unless one begins to look. However, once you have your first recognition of possible control of the information that you are hearing, you begin to notice more and more questionable circumstances.  



With the introduction to the internet we have opportunities to learn information from outside the Six Corporations of Media Power sources.  When we are not being told true information or restricted from hearing information, this is called Censorship.


Censorship Is UnLawful!!!

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Social Media Platforms have been removing many alternative information sources - Stay Aware & Ask Yourself ................Why?

graphics created just for you
Recognize Where We Are Losing Our God-Given Rights.


We must be very careful as more and more sources,  like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit and others are showing definite signs of censorship in the written and spoken word. 

Learn More: Interesting Article:  

Censorship In The United States


Our Constitution guarantees our right to Free Speech.  

Alternative Media has been a blessing for finding out so much information that has not been shared with the public.  As a person that loves to learn , I found I can find information about anything and everything on the internet.  Using our own awareness or consciousness for discernment, the internet can offer us many different approaches to knowledge about our world. 

We have a right to know the truth about our world.  Just as students need to learn information about history that is truth, so should we.  The right for our Free Speech is a God-Given right and protected by our constitution.  Many brave souls have died for our rights such as Free Speech, it is something we all should cherish and protect in whatever way we can.  

When we begin to recognize the truth that we are very lucky to be living in a Country that stands for the fact that :

We are all created as equals, by a loving, giving God that generously has given us our own Free Will to create the life we want.  That through  this love of our creation,  Our Creator also provided human men to set our freedoms  down on paper for the entire world to see and accept as truth.  It is then we realize how important those rights really are to the Freedom that we are here to experience in our lives.  

We are here to be free to be the best we can be, by being in this body provided for us, respecting others, without harm, and working together to make our lives productive, non-destructive or harming other living beings. 


We are very blessed, indeed, to live in this country. 

Politically speaking, there definitely seems to be a  waking up of what has been happening to our God-given rights , here in the US, (and across our world). 

As we learn more, we recognize how important it is that we get involved with our communities.  We are the ones to bring change to what we see around us.  


Only 4 (four) years after 2012, we saw an unprecedented “changing of the guards” in our government.  Change is happening around us and, apparently, with the approval of the American people.  

Does this mean there has been a shift in our awareness?  Could we have been asleep and unaware of a presence in our lives that intentionally has surpressed what is the truth about what we are seeing happen in our surroundings personally, locally and worldwide?  

Could this be because of some Cosmic Change happening in our world since 2012? 

The answer lies in your own discernment after you do your own research.

graphics created just for you
There seems to be Rabbit Holes on top of Rabbit Holes to follow. Where do you wish to start your search for truth?

With our introduction to the internet (at least, at this time) we have alternative information sources about any subject that is important to us!


Find Trustworthy Souces!
We Must Discern For Ourselves. 

 Many of us now know we have not been told the complete truth about our history and many current situations. 

We are also learning the intentions, secrets, plans and even the extent to which these plans have been hidden from us. 

On a personal note, 

There are many things that have changed in my life since 2012. 


My appreciation for where I live and the freedoms that this country stand for, have become extremely important to me as a patriot that is very grateful to all those patriots that have come before me.  . 

The past 7 years have been life-changing. I describe it as an Awakening in how society operates, reasons and the truth about some future plans for how society has been  intentionally directed to operate. 

 All of this information is steeped in mankinds’ Spirituality  and how we have arrived to this point in our history.  

There is a hidden history.  With a little research, an open mind, and willingness to accept the “hard to believe” information you may find, the information is available for all of us “Curious Georges”. 


2012 What If?

The Mayans were a very advanced civilization, and as far as I have read, there were no televisions, giving information from  only 6 sources, with the same agenda.  

TV has been shown to be very influencial in societies’ thinking patterns.  It can be used as a thought control mechanism.  

Of course, so can the internet, but that is the beauty of it.  Listen, read, watch or learn, but with discernment.  What feels right to you, without the influence of fear, judgement, and learned beliefs that may have come from this media we have learned to trust.  This is the key.

One last thought:

We all have a reason for being on this earth, especially at this moment in time.  Discovering that purpose could be why we are here.  Take time to learn more about who you are and the direction that is right for you.  

Stay Tuned..... It is only 2019!
Recognition Is The Beginning - Where Do We Go From Here?

conscious career plans

*Listen To Your Thoughts-
Positive or Negative--
Are They Really Yours?

*Begin With Questions-
End With
Positive Possibilities

I Don't Recommend The Action Above,

but please take time away from the television and other media for a little Self Introspection.

Our Thoughts Create Our Future

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Thank you for visiting my website today.  

Whether you believe we had a shift in 2012 or not,  it is a good idea to consider the changes you have seen over the past 7 years.  As we are watching different things happen, what thoughts are going through your head?  

Download Our Free Ebook, and learn more about the importance of our thoughts.  

Wishing you a Great New Year!   D Foster and Friends

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Welcome to the
New Culture of Sharing.
2019 brings in
A Conscious Culture
that is based on our hearts.

We begin by asking ourselves,

"How does this make me feel?" "Am I being the person I can be proud of?
Am I working out of intergrity, not fear, greed or anger?

Noticing Our Thoughts creates a realization of our actions, and as we learn to get more adept at recognizing our thoughts, then we can begin to question "where are these thoughts coming from?".

Sometimes we even verbalize degrading, judgemental, angry, mean, or hurtful thoughts, creating even more evidence for the belief in that thought.

We are seeing change before our very eyes. We are living in a very unusual time period.

sharing your socially conscious business ideas

A Video That May Answer Questions For You....your discernment......of course.

If you are not a fan of channeling or you don't believe in alien lifeforms, please let, the message delivered, be important and not the messenger.

This is not just an Awakening to how society has been structured over a long, period of time and by who and why.

We are beginning to understand the value of our lives. The past few years have Awakened many of us in many ways.

Our souls' connection has become clearer for many of us. We are hearing our answers from the inside of us, and not seeking answers from others.


What If ?????

Learn How To Make Your Thoughts
Work For You! Find Out How!

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