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“Are We Really Waking Up?” People might have laughed at me a few years ago for suggesting that the entire world is shifting into a more conscious state of awareness. Truthfully, there are still people that laugh about the whole idea of An Awakening.  What does it mean to even ask the question, “Are We Really Waking Up?” 

Taking a closer look at what we are seeing happen, socio-economically and politically across the globe makes us question what is happening in the world. It seems that many people are waking up to the fact that there has been a faction of individuals that have controlled how our lives operate throughout the generations. As we learn more about these “folks”  Agenda, we realize our awareness was part of how they were getting away with their plan. From recognizing a socio-political agenda, our recognition opens to many more aspects of our lives such as habits, cultures, education, religious beliefs; and, ,ultimately, what we consider “normal actions for our societies.”

When we begin to recognize what has been happening from an aware state of mind,  we begin to  use the word “Awakening”. There is almost a feeling of a “cloud lifting from in front of our minds, which gives us an entirely different perspective of what we see happening in the world around us.  We are actually moving into a new state of Awareness, which can also be called Ascension.  This is when we begin to understand that, “We are really waking up.”


What Is All This Talk About “Awakening”?

Personally, “Are we really waking up?” has been a question that I have been asking myself on a personal basis, periodically, for about twelve years now. I finally did recognize that an Awakening is taking place, and this awareness is spreading worldwide.   For a long time, it was a question that I pondered. There are still many on this planet that don’t connect with the idea, but I have seen this number change as the past few years have been very eyeopening for those with eyes to see.

connect with your sould to find your purpose


Outside Our Visual Vield

When I saw the Spirit Science video about thoughts, I wanted to share it because they do seem to be a a credible source (with verifiable information); and, I believe, that they do a very good job of explaining  how important our thoughts are in the way our lives move.



A Serious Eye Opener
How Can They Control Our Thoughts?

One part of this Awakening is learning how much our thoughts have been manipulated over the years (and they are even more controlled now.) The manipulation is not by chance, but by calculated manipulation of all that we see and hear around us. 

As a Psychology/Sociology fanatic from my youth, I loved learning about these individuals that studied us for a living. Behaviorist seemed to have an uncontrollable need to learn to control our behavior, as well as, our very thoughts. I will link a couple of articles below, if you want to learn more.

One name that you may be familiar with is Edward Bernays. who has had an immense impression on our thoughts throughout these years. His job as the First Corporate PR and Propaganda Department Head, can give you all the answers you need to know the truth, with just a little research. ( It is a process of Awakening just to discover who he was and what he did to manipulate ideas in the public’s brain. )

Learning the extent to which others have gained control of our thoughts can be Quite Shocking!


Sorry I have been working with Giphy today.

It takes an Open Mind to accept some of the information, but an Open Mind and Your Own Discernment offers us a chance to see a completely different picture, which may be disturbing,  at first. 

 However, once we begin to recognize  that what we are experiencing  is due to purposeful manipulation of our thoughts, we actually  begin to understand our own responsibilities in this world might be bigger than we ever imagined. 

We are living in a remarkable time.  As humanity begins to shed it’s beliefs that have been manipulated by negativity, such as FEAR and OUTSIDE AUTORITY CONTROL, we begin to question our own purpose for being here at this time.   Are we here to help the world understand where we have been, why we have evolved with certain values or traits, and eventually help society move into a more humane, loving society- free from FEAR, DIVISION, GREED AND HATE.  .  

A picture of a more abundant compassionate, and loving world emerges.   A world where each person would respect the life of others, including animal life, water, air and the realization that our  planet, itself, is a living being, plus it is up to us to be good caretakers for this beautiful, living orb that we live on.    

Envisioning a planet of beings that understand that we are all one and deserve a life of happiness, without all the fear and suffering that has been infiltrated into our thoughts, gives us pause for consideration. A world based on love, not greed, anger and envey, which have been introduced to our societies as a method of control over our thought patterns.  

If we all begin to recognize that our thoughts really do create our world. What would you do? How would you create your world?

It Is Worth Thinking about.

Think Forward – Not Backward

Think Happy – Not Hate

Think Positive Possibilities

Thanks for reading & Thanks for sharing.  

Many Wishes For A Wonderful Year and Beyond.

Stay well. DFoster.


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An Excellent Video about Edward Bernays can be found on youtube.com – Be Warned – This is an Eye-Opener – Awakening is not an easy road. But a True Blessing. 🙂

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

the upside of the awakening

A Closer Look
Changes Are Happening Now!

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