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Facebook Video Covers For Business

Create The Connections You Need With Your

Social Media Connections.


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Thank You for checking out our great Facebook Video Covers for your business. 


Social Media with a Video Just Works ! 

Do You Want More Customers or Clients?

The most impressive results are available with Video and your Social Media Connections.  

Facebook Video Covers For Business

What A Great Idea!



 Why Have A FB Video Cover………………………????



Facebook is one of the most reasonably priced ways to get more traffic for your business. 

Whether you are an online or brick and mortar business, advertising on Facebook offers many advantages over other forms of media advertising.  


Facebook ads vs BillboardsBillboard Advertising is very expensive and there is no way to track the traffic you get from this type of advertising.



fb video headers or radio adsRadio Ads are $10.00 per 30 second spot in my area, but there are production costs involved that can really add up.  Again, it is very hard to track your  ROI advertising costs.  


FB Video vs. newspapersNewspaper advertising is also quite expensive, even for the smaller business advertisements specifically designed for the small business person.  Tracking newspaper advertisement success is also difficult to do.



Statistics and Analytics are tracked on the Internet.  Watch your Advertising Efforts Grow.  Determine what your next Advertising Steps should look like with the statistics you need to succeed.


Many Thanks to Hubspot for giving us the statistics regarding Facebook and Videos.  

Thank you, Adam

Here Is Some of the Information From Hubspot:

  • Personalized Video increases click through rates by up to 985%.

  • Consumers spend more than twice as much time on pages with Video than pages with written content.

  • Consumers are 4 times more likely to watch a Video about a product or service then read about it.

  • Online Videos will account for more than 80% of all Consumer Internet Traffic by 2020.

 The numbers are staggering relating to to Facebook Ads, Videos,  and Results.


(I apologize that they do request your email, but Hubspot is a great resource for internet information, and no spamming.  )


Be sure to view:   Hubspot Facebook and Video Statistics


facebook statistics

Facebook Advertising offers you a choice of your Demographics, including locations, age, business, etc. 

The statistics are information that you can use to determine changes you need to make and successes of  your goals.

Choose Your Demographics:  Location, Age, Businesses, and YOUR BUSINESS Important Keywords.

FB Statistics Always Available

See The No. of Views, Times of Visits, Pages Viewed,  and Click Throughs. 

Also see the Time Spent On Page, and more.  (Videos Engage Longer)


FB Video Headers  sets your business apart


FB Video Covers   are informative, entertaining and will

enhance your user’s experience.


FB Video Headers are fully Search Engine Optimized for internet ranking.  


FB Video Headers   are reasonably priced and are visible twenty-four (24) hours per day. 


create the graphic that works for you

I think seeing how reasonably priced it is to advertise on Facebook and get great measurable results is important.

Check this out!


I will be signing up for this as soon as I release my personal invitations, so I can share my results with you ! 

 You can click to see the screen shot of what it can cost to promote your business or project for one  day or more.   I am excited to track my statistics as this is a new FB Page.  





I hope you will think about DFF GRaphics for all your graphics needs.  


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I look forward to working with you

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