Making A Difference Where We Live

Making A Difference Where We Live 

What a Great Way To Create The Change We Want To See!

the new culture of sharingWhen our hearts tell us that we want to get involved with making a difference where we live, we can find projects available.  

It is a matter of our heart telling us what we feel is most important.  We sometimes call this a passion. We may know how or exactly what this desire looks like, but the details may be a bit “sketchy”.  We are growing into an understanding of what we can do and how we can be of service to the world.  

sharing our ideasWe may call this

Our Purpose!!

In an article that I wrote, dated December 26, 2016, entitled Arizona Mentoring 2017 Getting Involved, I explained the importance Mentors plays in the lives of our students and youth.  You can read the statistics discovered through AmericasPromise.org and more information regarding how mentoring can make changes in students graduating from high school our communities.

mentoring 2017
From: Wikipedia.org

Mentoring can be done at any age.  As long as the knowledge is something that another being in your area can use, your knowledge is valuable.   Our youth have knowledge that is valuable to many of our older individuals and businesses.   Our younger generations have grown up with the technology that many of us find very complicated.  Here are just a couple of ideas that occur to me.

Many Small Businesses Owners  have issues understanding  the computer and how social media and internet marketing can be used for business growth and development.  Even simply understanding the computer programs and how to use them is necessary today for the small business person.

 Seniors that have not had training in computers can be taught to use the computer for their home accounting or other personal needs, such as social media interaction with their families.  The exchange can be benficial for both parties.   

goal setting conschious thought process and puzzle pieces

Local Youth & Finding Internships, Scholarships, Apprenticeships In Your Area Could Benefit The Local Businesses


Making A Difference In Your Local Community Involves Sharing Your Skills, Talents, Knowledge & A Lot of Fun !

teach children, mentor

Here are just some ideas where a Mentor can add to the local community by working with our younger generations.

Share your socially conscious business ideasComputer Skills are transferable skills that most of us use today…..  Share What You Know!

girls who codeGirls Who Code -Summer program for girls 13 years old and up to learn computer coding.

Mozilla.org   – Mozilla Community Training Program – Free Training for locations around the U.S.  

Webmakerprototypes.org –   Community training for creating computer involvement in U.S.

New SkillsUniversalClass.com –  Want to help others learn, but not sure what or how?  You can find many options that may trigger ideas for you to mentor others, just look at some of these options.

learn about everythingCheck Out All The Info:  Mobile Public Library

music for our kids

music lessonsWoodsongs Cafe – Music curriculum designed for students interested in cultivating musical talent.

playing for changePlayingForChange.org – International Organization of Peace around the World Through Music

women who rock for kidsWomen Who Rock For Kids  -Women in music can be the change we want to see for children that love music.  It is a matter of introducing instruments, genres, and new music opportunities for the Women Who Rock For Kids.  (Emyna’s new website coming soon.  6/15/2020)

New Skills

Fundraising on Facebook for Non-Profits — Students can set up pages through Facebook for helping local businesses and non-profits

The Start of The Revolution 1776

Constitution Classes – School Provided Education Classes have left out our history.  Our rights, are protected by the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights.   Find out that your rights are protected by these documents because they are God-Given, unalienable,  and cannot be taken away by any government.  Our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not to be sold or stolen through statutes created by man’s hands and operate as “color of law”.   To protect our rights we must first know our rights.  

It would be a great idea to have a Constitution Class to teach residents in our communities.  Young and Old could benefit from a refresher course.  We have seen our rights taken away in front of our very eyes. 

Learning about Our God-Given Rights  is important to keeping our freedoms that were so bravely protected by our Forefathers, who told us that it is up to us to protect them for future generations. 

committees of safetyPeople have not been taught what their rights are and how important these rights are to their Freedom. 

We have lost many individuals that have faced the enemy to protect these rights.

Please take the time to learn!!

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

We can be the change we want to see.

Get Involved in 2020!

  I suggest classes be offered by knowledgable people that can answer the many questions people may have about our American system. 

Sign up for online, individual courses at



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Scholarships – Internships -Apprenticeships  

2018 was designated by Trump as a year to help people learn………… Skilled Trades:

Students looking for opportunities to learn skilled trades are looking for businesses that understand the importance of Mentoring in the Workplace.

Please check back as I add more  

Making A Difference Where We Live

Ideas and Solutions


Watch For Posts……..such as……..

Arizona Aquaponics Programs and Grants

Arizona Baby Sitter Training For Students

Creating Ideas That Make A Difference

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Online Training Programs – Incorporating Knowledge With New Innovative Ideas
A Generation Connection for 2020

Great way for people with knowledge to share their information and create income opportunities. Online education brings generations together like never before. There are multiple Online Training Programs Today, offering training from Vocational, Musical, Business Management, and more.

I just read this article today from: HRDive.com/news

It was a discussion about Ageism. It confirmed what I already knew and have seen my family experience first hand.

The Article Name is:

Ageism the Last Acceptable Bias Is Rampant at Work-aarp-says

The discrimination of people getting older has hurt workers as they move closer and closer to retirement age. Some businesses and organizations, were known by the fact that upon reaching the age of 50, they would be letting some workers go in order to replace with younger workers. This was told to me my my own father about one particular company. You can read more in the article. Really interesting.

Online Education Is A New Innovative Connection.

The recent 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic has opened new doors for Remote and Telecomuting Job Opportunities. This can help smaller communities, people with disabilities and strengthen the connections with those that have “Knowledge to share” with those that are ready to create their own, unique Career Path in 2020.

paradigm 2020

Education and Mentoring is an excellent way for our younger and older generations to create new ideas for the future. Ideas usually need nurturing.

Thank you for sharing. DFosterandfriends.org

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