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“Just Say NO!”


What happens when we begin to learn information about our world

that we really would like NOT to know?

………Possibly we become  aware of things that we find

disgusting, disturbing


simply difficult to believe.


just say no See no evil


………Some things we begin to become aware of are

truly unbelieveable, and some have been “accepted”

as”normal” or “just part of life” for as long as we can remember.


Some things our Culture, including our American Culture,

accepts as

“just part of doing business” and are

destructive to human life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,

as well as, the lives of all, including our planet.


………We may even realize that we, on a personal level,  are participating in an activity that we would never condone if we had realized the true intentions behind such actions.


The Question Now Becomes


How do you………………….

Just Say No?


As you look around, many people have not awakened to the fact that there is something just not right around us.   When people are ready to destroy their own planet (where they are actually living), in the name of greed and  lack of compassion for others, there is a strong sense of self serving that is out of balance.

Equally appalling is the fact that violence seems to be the answer to our differences.  Personally I believe we have more similarities than differences.  The differences are opportunities for us to learn new ways, and then we can decide if we agree or disagree through our own God (Creator) given right of Free Will.


We have heard the term “Just Say NO” for many things in our lives, usually in terms of doing harm to ourselves through drugs and other chemicals.    I was thinking the other day about the words, “Just Say NO” and I begin to write the following.  It makes sense when we understand that  the word “no” stops action immediately.  Many times there may be no Do-Over.

Here are some of my thoughts on what it means to:

  “Just Say NO!”

just say no


It is really not about just saying NO!.


It is about …


When you can


no longer say YES.


When it comes down to it,

We are fairly intuitive and intelligent when we first come into this world. Could it be that it is the Moving into awarenessworld/society that has taken away our own sense of what is right and what is wrong?

Interesting Quote:

“Give me a baby and

I can make any kind of Man.”

John B. Watson


Think about it…

Have you ever been doing something that you take for granted doing, and, all of a sudden, recognize that there is something just intrinsically wrong about it?


Conscientious Objectors to fighting in wars are tangible evidence that those feelings exist. You may have experienced your own moment. That feeling is one that brings you closer to hearing the voice inside – your connection to the One That Created You.


Listen Carefully and you will recognize many things.


Answers are found this way.



just say no awarenessThe best way for your conscious mind to respond with “No” is only after consideration through your heart. An immediate “No” without passing the idea through your heart’s (soul perception) will sometimes incapacitate a gift from the Universe.

Our human brain has been programmed to society’s expectations of behavior.  Just as different areas of the world experience life through different lenses of what is “normal”, each of us is trained to operate with different patterns of behavior depending upon environmental/societal factors.

The Universal Mind offers a much broader view.  This Universal Mind has been known to change outcomes when working together.  The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the beginning of a change in perceptions, the beginning of conscious awareness that there is a better way of living .  We are seeing a shift to more disclosure of what has been hidden from us and why there seems to be so much hate and anger in the world.  This is being called The Awakening.  Humans are becoming aware of their surroundings, and the programming that has created this world of lack and fear which has been used as a method of control.

The Universal Mind is connected to The One – We are All One and therefore we have knowledge that you alone may not conceive.   Each individual has the Knowing that comes from Universal Mind.   Tapping into this knowledge opens up our minds when we have reached the point of opening our minds to accepting alternative ways of thinking.

A closed mind can create immediate judgement.


Listen Closely, with open minds and hearts, and let your internal guidance give you the truth of  what feels right to you.  Negative feelings toward others and ourselves does not come from a place of love and oneness.  Actions that come from a place of connection and compassion, including forgiveness and gratitude moves us into being the person that we  were mean’t to be in this world.  

Stay Centered

And Respond –          Do Not React.


No is definitive – Yes is an Opening

When No Becomes A Conscious Decision because you have run it through your heart…..then no is a form of saying Yes.



just say no or yes to space


Time moves within space but time is stagnant, too.   Because time moves linearly…… time can stop progress. Progress is made when we are spontaneous, when we are open to new ways of being, seeing and experiencing. The linear essence of time only slows down and sometimes stops movement entirely.


How one goes through life can be only through the atmosphere of time – or through the vastness of space – Space Creates – The more space you open up to, the more space and creativeness you have to work with.

As we become more aware of our surroundings, what we are experiencing, and in some cases why we are experiencing the world as we are experiencing it, we begin to understand we are in a time of change, necessary change.

Change in all aspects of the world we live in, is happening now.  Only positive changes for the planet and those living on it, is the way forward that most of us want to see.  Change happens from inside of us as we begin to awaken and move into a more complete awareness.  Change is not always easy, but we are realizing it is up to us to create the postive outcomes for ourselves .

Armed with our “New Awareness”, what do we do when faced with making changes in how we are living our lives?  Many of these decisions are life altering.

This is the individual’s Free Will Choice.  It is the choice that is provided to us by our Creator.  As a conciously aware soul, we are now beginning to understand who we are, and we might be glimpsing a bit of our “reason for this lifetime..”

Your Free Will.  Think about those words carefully.  Are your decisions being made by how they make you feel?  If there is a question about how whether you “feel right” or “feel wrong”, within your heart, you may be operating not from your internal guide or Free Will, but from programming.  There is no question that Edward Bernays was a genius at such techniques.

Below is a video interview with Edward Bernays.   Discovering so much information about the Public Relations Department within our governments, as well as,  well-known businesses, begins to open our minds to questions.   Disclosure of how our lives have been controlled  through our industrial explosion can be an eye-opener.  Baby boomers may especially recognize where and when these control efforts have been used to influence their behavior.

Subconscious Fascism –  Edward Bernays

Wake Up America It, has become necessary for us to learn information that we would rather not know about our history.  Our own survival may actually depend upon it.   Conspiracy Theory or not, these men lived, and they did find ways to manipulate us as a society.

When we begin to do a little research about Propaganda, Edward Bernays, B.F. Skinner,  L. J. Henderson, John B. Watson  and other “Behaviorists”, we may find a “Rabbit Hole” that is one of those things we don’t want to know, but should.  Our perspectives of what we accept and don’t accept as “normal” appear to have been manipulated for many years.  This is a very hard to accept.

Society has a big influence on us and what we believe.  There may be more to the story of the Behaviorist Movement, than we know about.  It is worth the effort to find out, but it does begin to open up questions within us.

For More Information, please check out the video below:
MIND CONTROL:  Social Engineering In The Twentieth Century –

**Always do your own research and make your own discernment.


Just Say  “NO”


Socially Conscious Job Postings
Only after you run all actions or ideas through        your  own heart.

Your heart is where you will find the answers.

I know I have shared some information with you that might be difficult for some people.

For all of us on this journey of becoming more aware, I want to share the following:

Brendon Burchard’s Method:  “Relative  Weight of Importance and Duration”  is a different way of “thinking”, in order to create changes within ourselves.  Once we gain more control of our thoughts, working with positive thoughts, our minds begin to change.

ENJOY!!!  and please share.


Thanks for reading.

Stay Safe.

D Foster

If you are interested in learning more:

Mind Control: Social Engineering In The twentieth Century  -Thomas Shawnessy You Tube Channel




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