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 Sharing Ideas That Make A Difference


As Each one of us become more Aware and Awake to the truth of our history, we begin to realize that it really is up to us to


Create Change For The Good Of The Planet and All Living Beings.  

Those We Have Depended Upon As “Those We Trust”, have purposely engineered our world for “their benefit”.

We are the ones that must change our world into a Society For People, Planet, and Life.

D Foster and friends believes In Change For The Better

It is important that once an individual Finds His Purpose, he acts on it.  Being alive at this unique time in Earth’s history, is extraordinarily important.   

You and I  are here for a reason.  Changes in society are critical at this time and we are part of the changes.  That is exciting and comes with it’s own responsibilities.  As Awakened Individuals, we understand this.  

Once We Have “Found Our Purpose”, connecting with others is the key.  .

Graphics have been part of my life since childhood and today that passion to create,  can be used to connect Socially Conscious Ideas with Socially Aware Individuals.  Our world needs those that understand the need for a more compassionate, and a more unified approach to life in order to save our planet (and ourselves) from destruction.  If you are one of those people and want to spread your ideas — contact me.  DFFGRaphics@dfosterandfriends.org.  




D Foster and Friends & DFF GRaphics

My Way Of  Connecting businesses or groups that represent socially aware ideas and integrity. 

Sharing Socially Conscious Businesses, large and small is my goal. 

Small and Large Businesses & Non Profit Organizations,

with the goal of genuinely helping others,

can create:

The Change We Would Like To See, 

Once we discover our special  skills, talents and passions and decide to make changes in our own lives by listening to our hearts,

we have taken our first step toward change.   


sharing our ideasAwakened Entrepreneurs are great examples of “following your heart”. 

The wonderful people serving others through established groups & organizations are also examples of

Socially Awake People.

Mentors, Volunteers, and others  …………… show us what it means to be Socially Awake and ready to be productive.  


When someone Finds His or Her Purpose (Definition of Purpose)

Listens To Their Heart……..………Follows That Truth…………

This is when change can begin………… 

current job postings in Houston, TX

This website is designed to help all of us create change in our lives,

plus help those around us by using our talents in new ways.

Apprenticeships & Internships are ideas that I think are worth talking about.

The Movement To Get People “Over 50” – Working with Students is very important to me.  I believe in Grants, Scholarships, Mentoring, and Creating A Better World By Working Together.  My Calendar of Programs – I hope to be ready soon.  Watch for Announcements. 

This is a post I wrote in 2017, which gives you some beginning information about what  “Over 50 Generations Possibilities”

Over 50? A New Way To Work

I will add more information about all  groups working with the “Over 50”  or Baby Boomers to motivate more action within communities, on this website. 

I believe, as a Baby Boomer, we can be a big part of helping to create new socially aware generations,

with skills to create more positive change in the future.    

This is all of my ABOUT Update for now – Will keep you posted.    thanks for reading – be sure to contact me with your ideas.  D Foster

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sharing your socially conscious business ideas
Share Your Ideas With Others!



I Did Not Write This:
We can be the Change in the World We Want to See
We can be The Change in the World We Want to Be.

For many years, some of us have been involved in careers, jobs, businesses or other employment endeavors that were based on “old rules” that we grew up with.  The bottom-line is that many people began to rely on sources outside themselves for security.  It is now clear, that depending upon outside sources is not going to give us the successful independence we need to create what we want to see in our lives.

This change is not easy for some of us, as we have been indoctrinated from a very young age to believe in this system.  Now is the time, for us to look forward, away from the past and be part of a new society.  A society that respects the differences in who we are and what we can accomplish together.  Each of us do have passions and most of us have some desire to see improvement for the many difficulties in the world.

Join me.  Let’s work together and make our world a better place to live.  It starts within ourselves.  Learn more about your own power and take charge of your future.  Start asking yourselves questions about “What Makes Me Happy” and begin creating the life you want.  Simple questions like:

What would a perfect day be for me?

Do I enjoy working with the public?  

Do I need others around me while I am working?  

When do I perform my best work?

This website is evolving, as I am, so I hope you will be part of this change.  Find the triggers for your success and don’t let fear, past beliefs or other people distract you.  This is the time for us to create a better world together.

Thanks for visiting.  Watch us grow together!

DFF GRaphics is my Entrepreneural Business – designed to help those that are working for positive change in the world, by following their passions, using their talents and serving others.







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