2021 Online Jobs For Over 50 Crowd

When Your Age and Internet Jobs Intersect – Are You Ready To Make Changes?

When you are “Over 50” and looking for an Online or Remote Job, what are the types of jobs you would investigate.

Social Media offers many different directions.  There are skills needed, some are more difficult than others.  

I have been learning that Employers are looking into Life Long Learning and Development, Reskilling, and Upskilling. 

These may be new sounding words, but the ideas have been there for a long time.

Although we are hearing him talk about the “over 50 crowd”, these jobs can also be done by our younger generations.

The “over 50 crowd” may have a bit more of a learning curve.  

Many of us are “professional students” and enjoy learning new skills.  It is important that we look closer at our passions.  For those of us over 50, we may decide that it is not your path to learn new skills.

I will warn you that when we look into Social Media Manager Jobs, and other Digital Jobs, we may find there is more diversity in the job required for the higher salaries.  The more diversity of knowledge and experience does pay a higher salary, but requires much more concentration and time.

Do your own intense investigation.


There are high-paying online jobs that virtually anyone over 50 can do—if they are committed to studying and practicing what they learn. The online jobs are not hard to learn. In fact I found the entire process fun for the most part. The jobs are technical for sure. Yes, it takes time to learn them. (Whoever said ‘everything is hard before it gets easy’ was right on point) And, it takes practice. But, if I can learn them—with no technical background—I am convinced you can learn them too.

I learned how to do all of these jobs by watching and learning from other YouTubers. People like: Derral Eves, Justin Brown, Nick Nimmin, Peter McKinnon, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Think Media and Roberto Blake.

I also spoke to YouTubers who were generous with their time (Thanks Alex!)
It’s kinda funny to call myself a YouTube now. Just over a year ago I didn’t know a whole lot about the stuff I have begun to master. Like I say: If I can do it you can do it too.
People will say my background as founder and Publisher of a chain of business-to-business publications and a weekly newspaper helped. But really only on the editorial and graphic design side of the business. But learning the learnable intricacies of the tech world I rightfully credit to studying the best practices of the some of the best YouTube and Social Media Influencers.

So if you are looking for a high-paying online job I know people over 50 can do then watch this video.
The Six High-Paying Jobs for People Over 50 are:
1. Digital Graphic Designer
2. Social Media Manager
3. YouTube Channel Manager
4. Affiliate Program Manager
5. Digital Promotion Manager
6. Website Manager

Thank you for reading –

We love sharing ideas and solutions for 2021

We can be the change we want to see – when we work together.

DFoster and Friends.

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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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