crack egg from inside equals life

Thinking about the thought, if

An Egg is broken from the inside, there is Life.

The exact quote is as follows:

“If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.”

From The Inside, The Quotable Coach

Jim Kwik- Learning Expert

crack an egg from the inside

The term,

an entrepreneural spirit to think outside the box“Thinking outside the box”

also seems to come to my mind.

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Many of us have been the ones that always seemed to “think outside the box” from others in the world around us.   For many, “thinking outside of the box” has come very naturally from a very early age.   Sometimes it is very difficult to be the only one seeing a particular perspective, and the “outside the box” thinker may find it is easier to conform than to remain alone in his perspective. At some point in their life, however,  the “think outside the box” individual may be challenged and must defend his beliefs.

“Outside the box thinking” of what is normal to society sometimes can occur when we are simply listening to our hearts.  When we see injustices condoned by those that we have trusted in our lives, we begin to start thinking from a different place than within the old box that we have been shown as normal.  If we find that we are doing a job that no longer resonates with who or what we believe, and we take a stand to leave that job, we are beginning to act from our hearts, or within.  We may even find that  some of our relationships or living locations may not be suiting our heartfelt desires or beliefs.   This is when we truly begin to become “out of the box thinkers”.

As in the development of life within an egg, there is a progression of steps that must be followed to create a sustaining cracking an egg from the inside equals lifelife force outside of the egg shell.  This progression happens to us when we begin to understand more about ourselves and discern for ourselves what we feel about circumstances and actions around us.  This is called “life” and this is when we begin to stand up for the person we are and the beliefs that we hold.  A key to accomplishing this “new lease on life” is to understand and be able to explain to yourself “why you believe as you do”.   This is when your beliefs truly become yours.  Being able to explain the whys of our beliefs, is when we crack our egg from the inside and discover the life force within us.

Looking outside of ourselves is not the answer to the problems we face.  Life is created from the inside.  We can find our answers by finding the spark of life that we were created  from and creating our new life from that point.  Our own hearts are the ones that should be telling us what is “right” or what is “wrong”.  We know that every living thing around us, including human beings, were given life.  Life is a gift and we should honor that gift in each other.

Think about how your life will change if you no longer stay in that old rigid box and begin to be thankful for life and for other’s lives, as well.  Yes, we are all different and that is the joy of it all.  However, we are also all the same, in that we were given “the gift of life” from the divine.  We should not be the ones to judge others, but wish them well, from our hearts, sending positive thoughts for their life’s journey.  Respecting ourselves and our own thoughts, without judgement, is also very important to us finding our own soverignty and life’s purpose.   Those outside of us do not always understand us because we each have our own journey in these precious lives that we have been given.  Respect for ourselves and others brings a new pattern to our lives.

when an egg cracks from the inside life begins

We are learning many things about our society at this time.  Taking the time to consider how we feel about what we are learning, is critical to us maneuvering all the new information.  It is not about listening to others today, but to what you feel from inside of yourself.

Thanks For Reading.  Best of Luck Always.

D. Foster


The Hopi told us that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

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By Debbie Foster

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