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June 15, 2017


President Trump signed a new Executive Order that will expand apprenticeships and job-training programs by giving more freedom to third-party companies and schools, according to two senior White House officials.  
This is great news for our economy, offering new, expanded opportunities to learn job skills and talents that are used in society every day.

“The executive order is more of a directive and less a dramatic change in administrative policy. The order creates a task force to recommend ways to promote apprenticeships and require all federal agencies to evaluate their training programs — one official said that was “43 separate work force programs that are spread across 13 agencies that total $16.7 billion a year” — and consider how to consolidate the programs.”

Read More:  http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/15/politics/trump-executive-order-apprenticeship-job-training/index.html

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Originally Posted  May 28, 2017

According to  Education and Career News  published in The Daily Courier, Prescott Arizona, the state has new opportunities for students to learn skills that are needed today.

The latest change in professional requirements required for teaching our students, has recently been enacted in SB 1042 in Arizona.  Gov. Ducey’s plan to ease the issues of shortage of teachers in our schools due to the lack of funding, changes the requirements for being part of a classroom.  As we know, there is a also shortage in America of Skilled Tradesmen and this change offers our students new and valuable avenues for career considerations.

For the past 50-70 years, we have seen a decline in skilled trades people.  Not only has this created a shortage of talented individuals with knowledge we need everyday in our lives, but also unique, creative trade skills that are passed down through  family and local elders are being lost. These skills are very viable in the world today.  This new bill may have just increased the opportunities for talented individuals to pass on their unique talents to newer generations in a way that benefits everyone.

Below is a quote from the above article from the Daily Courier, Prescott, AZ:

“PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey is defending controversial legislation he sought — and is expected to sign — that would allow more people without formal teacher training to lead a public school classroom.

Existing laws already allows people who have expertise in science, technology, engineering or math to teach. SB1042 would open it up to anyone who has “expertise in a content area or subject matter.”

More significant, it exempts the person from having to take a test of professional proficiency, leaving much of the decision on who is qualified up to local school superintendents rather than the state Department of Education. It is that provision that has upset foes who have said simply being knowledgeable in an academic area does not mean an ability to actually teach.”

Over the past many generations, getting a college education has become the preferential educational plan.  However, for many today, following the college route has proved to not bring the results needed for merely surving in our world today.

Our Babyboomers’ numbers will increase exponentially by 2050 according to the U.S.Census Bureau.

We will be living longer.  In many cases, we will be working longer.  Opportunities for leading productive, fruitful lives are needed to keep these individuals happy, healthy life participants.  There is no better way for babyboomers to be part of a community than imparting knowledge to those younger than themselves.

There are many ways our older generation can be of service to others.  Diversity in age groups can be of great benefit for both.  The Education and Career News connecting generations is all about the merging of these diffferences.

Education and Career News:

Society itself is changing.   I find this change very exciting, but it is up to us how we make this change work.  When I was recruiting in 2009-2011, the trend evolving was a very big divide between older and younger workers.  There was actual competition for the same jobs.  Now we have a wide enough spectrum that we can see the value each group brings to a position.  Working together brings new perspectives to old problems.

Having been a school teacher, I find the idea of teaching what I know to the bright, intelligent students that I have met recently, very enticing.  Teaching requirements are important, but they also can eliminate very good teachers from the teaching experience.  In my case, the certification regulations in place at the time, plus my life survival situation, necessitated my teaching in younger classrooms.  However, my talents are best used with older students.

There are good and bad consequences of regulations.  I am glad to see SB 1042 in Arizona and I do appreciate Governor Ducey for having the courage to support it.  Our students, especially in economically depressed or rural areas, need guidance for their future.  Guidance from experience is a great teacher.

There are many very experienced knowledgeable individuals ready to make a difference today.

Thank you Governor Ducey.


Thanks for reading.



You Can Find Out More About SB1042  and why there is need for changes in the Arizona Education System below:


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