finding a job in 2015

Finding a Job in 2015 –


The song, The Way We Were, comes to mind as I write this information.

The job paradigm has been part of our culture for many, many moons.  One of the reasons for the way things evolved is because we have lived in a world of duality for so many years.  The “haves” and the “have nots” worked out a system of exchange.  Work for wages.  The work one did, didn’t matter as long as one could “get a job” and how much one was paid.  A system that operates in this manner, leaves much to be desired for the “have nots”.  This system might be viewed as slavery, especially when the wages don’t even provide for the worker’s basic necessities..

I believe we are seeing a new system emerge that operates on a system of working together and treating each other with the respect we each deserve.  No matter what your choice of profession, your skills are needed to perform a service.  The higher the degree of knowledge, education, or expertise in one’s field the higher the individual’s salary, has been the accepted thinking.  Thus, money and income through the old system and your choice of profession, had to be based on earnings and not a sense of  “following your dreams”.  uS Dollar billThose dreams had to wait due to our need for everyday living on this planet.  Many of our forefathers and even current workers have lived their whole lives without opportunities to use their innate skills and talents to create a better life for themselves, and possibly others.  Our old system just has not promoted that idea as the “primary” or “most important” focus.  Financial matters had to be our main focus due to the need for survival/security, which this type of system creates.

dreamstimeextrasmall_14024196-150x150So, if you are in the process of finding a job in 2015, you have opportunities to find new directions for yourself on job boards that speak to your own talents and skills.  We are seeing a new paradigm that actually appreciates and rewards individuals for following their passions and using the talents that were given at birth.

As I was writing this article the following video showed up in my inbox.  Millennials are showing us ways of looking at work differently.  We all learned from 2008 that depending on one form of income is dangerous.  My hats are off to this generation for the ingenuity and ability to recognize a problem and create their own solutions.  I began reading Patricia Drain’s book in 2009, called “What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Now That I Am 40, 50, 60″    She emphasizes the importance of multiple income sources and following your passions.  

The video below gives us this same information in a different way.  We must admit, our younger generations learned lessons from the 2008+ years.  Gigs are certainly a great answer to solving not “having a job”.  I think, diversity, is the key.  Whether you have gigs, side businesses or find other avenues that you control, helps you to move away from that old “I need a job” mentality. That way of thinking puts us in a victim mode.

Here are just a few of the new job boards that are available today to help those that are in the process of finding a job in 2015.  Thinking differently about what we do, can create new opportunities, which makes finding a job in 2015 different than it has been in the past. It can be difficult for us to realize what our talents are, and how to put them together with an idea of creating a new career, but it is an idea worth considering if you desire a better future.

Published on Jul 8, 2015

Watch the full AJ+ video here https://goo.gl/TJYKCg

Gigs or Project Work

Upwork.com (Elance.com)



Internship Opportunities





Jobs For Older Workers




I will be adding to this list and will add a page on this Website:


Watch for it!!!

I think it is also important for us to realize that people are very accustomed to the paradigm of

Experience = More Opportunities and Income

create a goal together

We should never discount Volunteering.

Volunteering Experience:    Volunteering offers us an opportunity to follow our passion, use our skills and talents, plus become of service to others.  Voluteering also offers experience which is valued in our world.  Knowledge and experience adds sincerity/credibility to our our actions.  Volunteering even for a few hours a weeks give an individual a sense of accomplishment and also opportunities to meet others that share the interest.  Employment and partnerships have begun this way.

Internship Experience:   I also strongly believe in providing internships to our young, future workforce.  The more they understand about how to operate in a workplace environment, the more skills they offer to our new world through experience.  There are many opportunities opening up for entirely different career opportunities.  Intenships give our yournger generations information they can use as they move into the culture of productivity.

Apprenticeship Experience:  Today we are seeing many of our older generations that are healthy and ready to move to the new challenge of their lives.  Apprenticeship programs for older workers that are ready to direct their lives differently offers a valuable sharing of information between the current changes happening in how we get things done and the wisdom of experience.  When we merge new ideas with experience, we sometimes can create something that has never been done before.  There is much potential in offering Apprenticeships for older workers.

Socially motivated business ideas shared create new opportunities for job opportunities, growth opportunities, solution motivated businesses and opportunities to follow your own career path passion.

At any age, if we see a need, where  we know we can be of servicel, as creative human beings, we can step into the role of creator. We can make things happen, when we feel strongly that a change or action is needed.

Here is an example of something that is needed, where a creative person, who resonates to the need, can create a solution in their own community. There are many other ways that we can make our own social change, when we accept the challenge.

Each of us can be of service today.  With all the corrections needed to make this planet and ourselves happier, healthier and more abundant in our lives, listen to your heart and discover your next move.  It is our responsibility to find solutions for ourselves and for the social change we need to see on this planet.

The new exchange of services to each other is part of the new culture of sharing that we have been hearing about lately.  Begin now to establish the path you want to take.  Whether you find your direction by beginnning something entirely new or tweaking what you are doing now, making a decision to follow your heart brings you closer to your success in life.

cropped-FPP-header-for-website.jpgWe certainly live in exciting times.  As our shift to a more consciously aware society happens, our beliefs, goals, desires, and purpose for being shifts too.  We begin to understand that it is truly up to us to create our lives in new ways.

Thanks for reading.     d.foster

Best of Luck Always!


Apple Inc.
“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
― Apple Inc.           Found on Goodreads.com

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