Finding our Calm During A Storm

Finding our calm during a storm is

“Easier said than done”.

When  our world becomes chaotic, the need for some relief becomes unbearable.

How do we find our calm?

Consciousness of the moment is something that we need to begin practicing before the storm arrives.

During times where we can sit quietly and appreciate the quietness of the moment we can experience knowledge of the feelings of comfort.

follow your heart

Think about that for a moment.  How often do you feel those feelings of comfort?


So much of our world is filled with “important”, “immediate” distractions.

from chaos to clarity


Each day becomes full of distractions, until we reach the point of “lack of comfort”.


Breathing offers us a time of release, when we learn to use it correctly.  The natural breath rhythm is disturbed with all the distractions of our lives.

Spend the next few minutes with this video, and find your way back to a nice, calm peaceful breath.

Our lives get too busy, and maybe even complicated.  Taking time to appreciate what we have at those quiet times is invigorating to the soul.

Your heart has time to speak to you, and you begin resonating with what your body needs to relax, and feel comfortable.

Consciousness is a spiritual experience.  You become more in-tune with the rhythm of life.

I hope you enjoyed that beautiful time spent within.

We learn new thoughts in quiet times with ourselves.


sharing our ideasOur Thoughts do create.  Positive thoughts can be very creative for you throughout your life.

Negative thoughts, and especially expectations also have potential to create.

Understanding these universal laws, will help you create the life you dream about.


Thanks to Esther Hicks for the wonderful breathing exercise.  I hope it helped you and I hope you will explore more consciousness ideas with me over the coming months.

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing.


Note From: Youtube: You Are Light Community



Amazing 34 minutes of Abraham Hicks Best Meditations Mix

Note: Use headphones for an optimal experience

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                                 WISHING YOU ALL

                       ENDLESS BLESSINGS

                                    LOVE AND LIGHT!”


dff graphics Sharing ideas that matter
DFF GRaphics Sharing Ideas That Matter
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By Debbie Foster

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