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Goal Ideas – Conscious Thought Processes 2018


Goal Ideas -Conscious Thought Processes for 2018 may be a bit different this year.  

With Awakening coming on fast for many of us, we are looking at our lives differently.  When we decide to stop, move away from all the noise and clutter in our lives, we begin to have an opportunity to ask ourselves questions.  This is the beginning of the journey.  


Setting Goals For 2018


  1. It’s All About Me!!Goal Setting counscious thought starts here


Your immediate reaction to this statement may be that I am talking about being very selfish.  The truth is, I have realized that with all the information, entertainment, and activities surrounding us, we can find it difficult to know our own thoughts.  Our belief system has been structured so that we make many decisions by listening to other’s thoughts about a particular subject.  When it comes to what “feels good” to us, we have lost the connection to our own hearts or inner voice.  This is where the true answers lie for you.  Your perception is unlike anyone elses, because you have your inner guidance system.  Your heart has no reason to trick you or lead you astray.  That is why it is good to take the time to learn more about you.  



In 2012,  I began to question my life very seriously.   Living in woods, by the river,  gave me a chance to be in nature like I never experienced living in all the places around the big city.  I had the perfect opportunity to connect with myself.  When I turned off the television and all the distracting noises, my connection deepened with Nature. I also must mention, there were no cell towers near my home.   One of the beautiful things of living so close to nature, was sometimes it would snow and the pristine softness of how the world looks when it is covered with  “undisturbed” beauty had a changing affect  on me.   This was my experience, others became more aware of their environment in other ways.    The great thing is, that we are beginning to see how beautiful and fragile life is on this planet.  I have talked to others with similar experiences and still other people have other experiences, but the recognition of our own truths according to our inner truths, is quite a remarkable experience.  

By 2013, I had started my own Vision Board.  

goal setting conscious thought
I didn’t know about Online Mind Maps at the time. 

Finding out about you is not selfish, although many may think it is.  We are here together at this time, when our world needs so much change just to enable survival for the planet, that “Who We Are” is critical to being the change we want to see.  We have talents, skills, likes, dislikes, fears, desires, etc. that are not the same as others.  What are they?  That is what we are here to discover.  This makes Goal Setting Counscious thoughts really important.  Your consciousness matters when it come to your life’s decision.   

My Vision Board was designed for me to get an  inner connection and find the answers I needed to move in a direction that “felt right”.  It was becoming apparent to me, that there was something seriously off with my current choice.    For many years, I had been doing a job that at one time “felt acceptable” to my heart,  and,  gave me the income to  enjoy my life comfortably.  That was no longer the case for me.  I needed to experience something different.  By this time, I was becoming aware of many things that I had “not seen” or “not accepted” and that was no longer an option for my life. 

I have given away My First Lesson throughout the years since 2012,  just to get people acquainted with thinking differently.  I have called it many things, but much of the information can be found in this link.      10 Ways To Help With Your Awakening    (Download Free Now)

goal setting conschious thought process and puzzle piecesMoving through a deliberate Goal Setting- Conscious Thought Process can be exciting, when you begin to be able to fit the pieces together.    When you consider that we are all here for a purpose, we begin to understand the enormity of what is really going on this our world today.   What a feeling?   The idea that we were created to be of service to our world, especially in this time of chaos, offers a sense of being that I can’t explain to those that have not felt it.  

Finding Your Purpose takes work.  Our thoughts are our path.  Your Conscious Awareness, coupled with Your Conscious Desires create Motivation.  Motivation to be the best you can be comes through your awareness.  Your awareness of your thoughts create what matters.  Your Consciousness Matters when you are Goal Setting--Conscious Thought Process Matters

How do we get motivation?  For me,  the motivation came when I realized how important knowing who we are and why we are here is at this time.    As I understood just how far off “the path of creating a better world for all of us” my actions had strayed, the motivation to accomplish something positive,  became part of my being.  Many of my years had been spent accepting, participating with and even depending upon actions that;  if I had listened to my heart (instead of outside voices) , I would have avoided with my entire being.   You might call this guilt, I did.   I don’t call it guilt anymore.  Society’s acceptance of unfavorable acts has led to many of the Awakening Souls that I meet today.    We are in a Process of Healing.  For some, We are in a Process of Finding Our Purpose.   There is a growing movement away from the self-serving program that has been operating in our world.  A heart-based, service-to-others, including, “a taking responsible action attitude”, is taking control.  

Welcoming in 2018 – The New Culture Of Sharing. 


 As one of my favorite people says………..


“Let’s Get This Party Started!”



setting goals conscious thought processes
An Awakening Moment

Steven Covey Shared This Information With Us.  

Three  simple ideas for those just beginning to think more consciously.  


3 Tips to create more connections for your  Awakening.


  1.     Stop using Flouride in your toothpaste and drink purified water.  Bottom Line:  Remove Flouride from your body!     
  2.     Turn off the Television.  There are multiple reasons for this  from the controlled propaganda, the electronic presence that we are bombarded with daily, and a big one is your personal privacy. 
  3.     Become Familiar With Who You Are, your own beliefs, including why you have such beliefs.  Question yourself: Are they really valid to you?    Connect with your thoughts from inside.    Find Peace Within Yourself. 
socially conscious idea: corporations are not people
Always do your own research-Discernment





Brendon Burchard has been one of my favorites since I began following the internet marketing crowd.   The meditation technique below is really helpful to get centered within yourself.    

Link Below is an Excellent Read by Brendon Burchard- One of My Favorites.  

Life’s Golden Ticket:  A Story About Second Chances 

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