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What a Great Idea!!

Where do I find out about  Arizona Aquaponics Programs and Grants?  

I just found the best answer to that question.


Several of my friends have talked about growing food in our Arizona schools and that they would like to be involved with programs of this sort.  As I have searched around to see how you would get this started, the money issue always seemed to be a problem for our local school systems.  What I find exciting about the following website is their vision.  When there is passion in a project,  people can find solutions.  

If you are considering getting involved with your school or organization and want to know where and how to start, be sure to check out this website.    Teachers today are so very busy, mentoring can add greatly to the success of such a program.    What an exciting  STEM program and can be educational for the Teacher and Mentors too.

The AquaponicsUSa.com



In the previous blog, The CTA (Call To Action) for Arizona Mentors to get involved with their communities was placed.  There is a growing need for experienced individuals to help our youth move forward in their lives. There have been studies about how graduation rates change with an increase in number of adults in an area.  Please Read Previous Blog:   Arizona Mentoring 2017 CTA

2017 offers us a time to change the things that don’t work and to work with the things that do.  Our diets and our children’s diets have moved away from natural food.  This can be the cause of many of the illnesses we are seeing today.  Starting children with an appreciation of growing the food and enjoying the freshness of what they eat, can only offer longer, healthier grown ups.

We are seeing an understanding of that today, and working together we can make the change we want to see by helping the ones growing into adulthood eat and enjoy fresh, non GMO, processed food.

Funding for such great projects as Arizona Aquaponics in school programs is available.  Community schools and other educational organizations can find Grant Information and best ways to get started.  They also supply curriculum material, e-learning, video training  and testing can be done on line.  Check out this page:  http://www.aquaponicsusa.com/education/aquaponics-in-the-classroom.html

Please tell Grace and Oliver that you found out about AquaponicsUSa.com

from D Foster and Friends Website!!


Be the change Arizona AquaponicsCommunities coming together to solve problems can be the answer to many of the difficulties we are seeing today.  We can make the Change We Want To See By Working Together.  


Our world is changing and Arizona Aquaponics Programs and Grants can be a big step to future generations.  Food that is grown with love and care is energy for our body.  When children are taught from a young age that the food they put into their body must keep their body running for many years, generations will become more and more in tune with what their body needs and stay away from those harmful things it does not need.

If you are interested and living in the Payson Area, please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Mentor in our area.  There are many ways for those of us to share, when we realize how much we can add to those around us.

Have a great New Year – 2017!

Thanks for reading.

D Foster – dfosterandfriends@gmail.org

Thinking of Mentoring in 2017 – Be sure to read:   CTA – Arizona Mentoring 2017

Another Interesting Site:  http://foodpsychology.cornell.edu/discoveries/growing-interest


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