Category: Socially Conscious ideas

Social Change Is Almost Always Seen As Chaos

Throughout history, social change is almost always seen as chaos.  We see the evidence from the time of the Roman Empire and Atlantis Civilizations to more recent events, including The…

Holiday Season Peaceful Thinking Brings Change

  Peaceful Thinking Brings Change Can  we carry that “peaceful thinking” with us throughout the year. Holiday Season Wishing You A Beautiful Christmas Holiday and A Wonderful New Year.  …

Our Thoughts and Exiting “The Matrix”

Our Thoughts and Exiting “The Matrix” If you believe that we are living in “The Matrix”, how do we create our own exit from The Matrix? If we accept the…

Social Change Movements the Struggle Over Meaning of our Lives

Social Change Movements the Struggle Over Meaning of our lives,   has created many conversations over the many years of humanity’s curiousity .   Finding answers is getting more and…

Humanitarian Entrepreneur Expertise – What is Happening at the U.N.?

Humanitarian Entrepreneur Expertise is added to the U.N. as Ashish Thakkar is appointed to his new role as Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurs Council.  What does this mean for the…

Making Socially Motivated Ideas Happen!

 Making Socially Motivated Ideas Happen! When we have that great Socially Motivated Idea or new entrepreneur path to follow….we all must face the question of “How do we make it…

Making Changes We Need To See

Making Changes We Need To See Reinvent Your Life   Putting humanitarian welfare and planet welfare  into the equation of any of our business ideas is a great new approach…

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