10 ways to help you Awaken

Awake – Aware and Accepting of Who You Are

The process of becoming Awake, Aware and Accepting of who you are can be very difficult.  The process is a strange one and can cause individuals to question what is happening with their thought process and their bodies.

social changeAwakening is happening to so many of us today, but it is difficult to understand many of the experiences that we are going through as the process takes control of who we are and what we believe.

We begin by learning to accept our past, grasping the truth about who we really are today and then putting the pieces back together to make ourselves who we want to be in our future.  The fact that WE are truly the creator of our lives becomes truth to our minds and this takes time for us to integrate the idea in our current reality.  We can discover many positive and negative things that we have been doing, creating the outcome we are currently experiencing.

We also begin to realize that the world offers us lessons that are important to our growth in this lifetime.  Emphasis becomes more about our changing our inside thoughts because we begin to understand how these critical lessons are creating our future outcomes.  The discovery of how and why we are living the life we are living, now becomes very important. Awakening to this simple fact, itself, makes us understand the need to grasp what the lessons are and how to move forward from here.


On a personal level, rebuilding my future to include my own purpose became a driving force for me.  Rebuilding is not easy under any circumstances.  The awakened being must be strong in their desire to discover the truth about their lives.  In my life, I found that I have lost many friends and old habits that no longer relate to the person I want to be in my future experiences.  Not all people and habits move you forward, but keep you in old patterns.

10 Ways to help with your awakening process are as follows.  

I suggest that you post them on a board or carry them in your pocket,

to help you stay strong as your process evolves –

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  1. Begin by spending more time by yourself, connecting to your higher self.  Learn to trust that inner voice over the outer voices from others.  There is no other being that knows or understands your needs and desires more than your inner being.  Meditation is one way to begin to listen and there are many teachers that can help you learn to quiet your mind. 

  2. Bless your old experiences and have gratitude for the lessons you have learned from them.  Even the negative experiences had lessons for you.  Many times, it is the negative experiences that teach us more than the positive ones.  

  3. Turn off the outer noise, especially televisions, cell phones, and computers.  The constant bombardment of outside influences keeps us continually entertained, but can block our move toward enlightenment.

  4. Spend time in nature to appreciate how nature works. Discover how nature is in perfect balance and lives in harmony with each other.

  5. Do things that bring you joy.  Individuals have not been taught to appreciate the importance of their imagination and creativity.  It is from your inner imagination and your creative thoughts that bring you new ideas to take you into a new ways of thinking and acting.

  6. Become less judging of people.  Appreciate the differences in each other.  Without these differences our lives would be very boring and we would not learn of new ways of doing things in our lives.  Instead of distrust for those that are different than we are, embrace the difference and learn something new. 

  7. Give of yourself from your heart.  This can be as simple as taking time to smile and laugh with someone at a grocery store or volunteering at a shelter or food bank.  There are many simple ways of being of service to others today.

  8. Watch what you put in your body!!!  Today we are being faced with chemtrails in our skies, GMO’s in our food, plus fluoride in our water systems, and, even our toothpaste products.  All of these un-natural chemicals are designed to keep us from “waking up” to the truth about who is in control of our lives.  The best advice for you to keep your body as clean as possible is to stay away from processed and “boxed” food.  As much as possible, eat only organically or locally grown food, stay away from vaccines full of chemicals, and use non-fluoride toothpaste.  It has been proven that water, when blessed with positive language changes it’s molecules, so if you must drink water from you local water system, always send love and positive blessing before putting the water into your body.  Don’t forget – stay away from colas and other processed drinks.

  9. Think Carefully Before Taking Pharmaceuticals.  We have learned that our pharmaceutical industry is not designed for healing, but for maintaining illness creating income for this system.  Consider natural healing products.  One fact that we are learning today is the beneficial factors of cannabis in curing many medical issues, including cancer and other serious illnesses.  This explains why this drug has been listed so high on the schedule of illegal drug lists.

  10. Keep an Open Mind and Use Your Own Discernment.  It is truly hard to accept that our entire life has been one that has been a deception, designed by those individuals that have their own agenda.  It takes an open-mind, that wants to learn the truth.  Before you immediately dismiss information, take time to learn.  There is information being sent by many informed, knowledgeable, and educated people on the internet, but there is also many untruths.  You must depend upon your inner voice to give you the truth, but it takes you wanting to know and being a willing partner seeking the Truth.

When we learn more about our own value to this world, the act “of Being” becomes more important than the drive “to Do” Much of our “to do” list, are designed only for us to continue to live in this system of control by our banking debt-based system.   Our society has taught us that doing is more important, which is a third dimensional perspective, designed specifically for others desire to control us.  When we become more Awake, we are more trusting of those inner voices telling us what feels good and those situations that feel uncomfortable to us.  Try to avoid those uncomfortable situations, as often as possible.  Those feelings are indicating whether you are on the right path or not.  Fear, depression, and lack of seeing positive outcomes are only a few of these negative emotions that keep us from hearing our inner voices speak to us. 

You can download this list as a reminder.

Post it on your wall or keep them in your pocket for reference.

We live in very exciting times.

So many of us are Waking Up to understand that…..

We Are The Change We Want To See.

Our lives can become the beacon for those that are

Awakening After Us.

The Truth Will Set Us Free!

first step to your dream

Everyday is truly a new opportunity for you to create your New Life.

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck -Always!




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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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