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Change The Court Systems:

What Just Happened?


new world of sharingDid we just see a Judge rule to

change the court systems?

As the anniversary date of the Magna Carta, July 15, 2016 approached, a judge just made an historic ruling that may change the court systems that we have known for so many years, forever.  Many people have been in our court systems over the years, and have had experiences that they felt were not judged fairly or even constitutionally according to the original Constitution that our forefathers put in place so long ago.  A jury trial by ones peers is protected for all of us, “We The People”, but many have had this unalienable right deprived by the use of a court system that is decided only by a judge, without giving the individual an opportunity of proving his innocence.  The judge’s decision in the information below is acknowledging these unalienable rights, creating an opening for “We The People’s Rights” to be restored, as is protected by our original Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The following video is worth a second look.


To continue this conversation, I found the following page on The AmericanBar.org site, which talks specifically about the Trial By Jury aspect and in the last paragraph of the article, ask the question,

• The jury gained its reputation as a “bulwark of liberty” in England and in the American colonies for standing up to laws imposed by an English monarch and Parliament that were not popularly elected. In the United States, popularly elected legislators enact our laws and popularly elected officials enforce them. Do you think the jury still plays an important role as the protector of our liberties? Why or why not?  The AmericanBar.org website.

It is a question to discuss with your friends and family.   It seems to me that as “We The People” are judged more and more in these courts that are judged only on man-made rules and statutes, we are losing the Divine Rights that our forefather’s fought so hard to preserve for us.  These are rights that are called inviolate, because they cannot be taken away, given away, are sold.  These are the rights that, as a living child of a creator, you have, without questions.

are we seeing a change the court system decision?I hope the information in this video is true and am doing my best to research if it is true at this time.  If this information is true, we may be seeing a Judge’s decision that, may change the court systems that we need to see, in order to preserve the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all deserve to experience equally, as living, breathing beings on this lovely planet.

Thanks for reading.  Stay Safe and Stay Informed.

Never Stop Learning!

D. Foster



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By Debbie Foster

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