the future of work

The Future Of Work


Changes in the future of work

means that we begin looking at jobs and work differently.


We begin to understand the new world of workvalue of our time, experience, skills and talents more than ever.

Society has  relied on resumes to find the jobs they seek.  Resumes are designed with specific job titles in mind.  Resumes depict schools, classes and job labels.  People are so much more than just job titles.  Many people today have come to the understanding that we are so much more than what a resume shows that we can offer.  We can give much of the credit for this to our Millennials, who are looking for a balanced integration between work life and their personal lives.

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What Millennials Want At Work,

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What Millennials Want In The Workplace

(And Why You Should Start Giving It To Them)

Forbes Article:  January 13, 2017

“Gutfreund says that Intelligence Group studies of millennials have found that:

·         64% of them say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place.

·         72% would like to be their own boss. But if they do have to work for a boss, 79% of them would want that boss to serve more as a coach or mentor.

·         88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one.

·         74% want flexible work schedules.

·         And 88% want “work-life integration,” which isn’t the same as work-life balance, since work and life now blend together inextricably.”


Find more information regarding the changes expected in our “future work” experiences at the following link:

“Welcome to the  New Economy: By 2020, more than 40 per cent of the American workforce—60 million people—will be independent workers, such as freelancers, contractors and temporary employees. Congratulations, you’re ahead of the curve! And you’re participating in this new economy on your own terms.”

Read The Full Article:  Http://www.Freshbooks.com

As they say, “Times they are a changing”.  We no longer look at our lives as only one income opportunity but many.  We have multiple valuable skills and talents.  It is up to us to decide how to make changes in our future.  We can make our lives different when we begin to think differently about who we are.  Instant access to people that know you, that have experienced your work ethics and quality of what you have to offer the world is available today at the touch of a keystroke.

This information is much more important than where you attended school or GPA.  What you know and what you do the future of workcan be measured online today.  Classes taken online, volunteer involvement, and the respect from the individuals that have worked with you in some capacity tells much more about what you can do and how you interact with others.  References have always been important but through websites like Linkedin and other business related sites, those that are seeking your talents can find you, learn about your expertise and find those that recommend you for those skills.

If you are a person with ideas and passions, follow those goals.  If you don’t really know your passions, download my free gift to you:    YOUR PASSION-YOUR LIFE-YOUR CHOICE.  A little direction and you may realize a totally new approach to income opportunities.

The world is changing.  Take the time to consider what you can do to become part of the new world.  Don’t get left behind.  Resumes are becoming part of our recent past.  Your online presence can bring you a new direction.  Be sure to stay tuned for more ideas from DFosterandFriends.

the future of work

Wishing you much success in 2017 and beyond.

Thanks For Reading.


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