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Growing Consciousness.

Are we seeing consciousness growing and spreading around us?

How does one grow consciousness, in themselves, or others?

consciousness in our knowledge changes us.  be the change you want to see in the world.   we can be the change.
Consciousness Grows Through Awareness

There is so much that we come in this life not knowing, and even more that we experience without understanding the complete knowledge of “why”, “who” or “how”. The fact of our lack of consciousness is explainable.

Consider where your beliefs come from. There are many ways our beliefs become incorporated into our system. Our environment gives us many of our experiences, thought patterns and lessons of how life operates. We may not even realize the impact of our environment on our daily lives.

edward bernays

The Subject Matters

I came across this video today. If you are like me and have followed Alan Watts for several years, you will really enjoy this video below. It appears to be from the fifties. (This was about the time my family brought in our first television to the home. FYI: I never saw this video from Alan Watts.)

Alan Watts offers information that is very educational and Awakening for those ready to learn. I was busy watching shows like, “Leave It To Beaver” and “Lucille Ball”.

Here we are many years later. Alan Watts is still explaining the nature of our consciousness, but, on a personal level, I find this topic fascinating and very relevant for life today. Be sure to check out AlanWatts.com to learn more.

I also recommend you check out the link below to learn more about Edward Bernays. Find out how influenced the Baby Boomer Generation and earlier generations were influenced by one clever Advertising Mogul, with controlling intentions.


Growing Consciousness Today!

2020 The Next Decade –

Growing Consciousness

growing consciousness

What We Do Now -As Conscious Beings Will Make The Difference

As each of us move through this Great Awakening of our own consciousness, our understanding of our world changes. Seeing this new paradigm, grasping the enormity of such a world, and beginning to live with intention and personal strength gives us hope for the future. Our talents, skills and knowledge give us the uniqueness. Our sameness comes from all life coming from a single source, which inherently encompasses differences in perception. Moving through the world with this new awareness, gives us hope that the growing consciousness is touching the hearts of more and more of us.

your next step with consciousness

2020 Thinking Conscious Thoughts – Creates Better Worlds.

Thanks for reading and Thanks for sharing.

Today is the day after Christmas in 2019. We are moving toward 2020 and will arrive in less than a week. Are you ready for this world of change? Wishing you a Wonderful New Year in 2020 .

As I speak to people, read articles and watch alternative news information, I am learning more and more about this growing consciousness movement. More awareness is happening all over the world. When we stop listening to the same old stories, same old people, with the same old beliefs about how the world is run, we get that growing consciousness inside of change. This is a feeling that we should recognize as desire, passion and intent.

Be The Change You Want To See!

Consciousness Can Make The Difference In Our World

May you have many Conscious Manifestations that bring joy to your life and others in 2020 and beyond.

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Happy New Year!

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