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Job Connection Changes ! 2020 Style!

The Job Connection Changes are here. It is 2020 now, and we are beginning to see changes in many areas of the job connection process. Let me share a new job-board that I just discovered.


The “One Job For Life Paradigm” is Obviously Gone – What Replaces This?

I began working in the sixties and seventies. My mother worked for the bank and my father worked for the electric company. Both of them retired from these original jobs, with pensions and benefits that lasted through their retirement. Even when a newbie, like I was at the time, began looking for a job, the retirement option, was something I was told I should consider important, although I had a long way to go before retirement.

See the image below from an article entitled “School Desks and nuclear bombs”, written by Greg Stevens @gregstevens.com

Fear was embedded in the background of everyone’s mind during this period, having recently been in a war…. and the fact that there was always some threat from some tyrant going on, with nuclear war being the “flavor of the period”……… fear of what will happen next is something we learned in school and on our televisions. Life was about preparing for the inevitable outcome of attacks in some form or another. “Job Security” was a number one thought in many people’s minds.

Transportation revolution

Mobility and Connectivity has given us new possibities.

Living in this fast changing, world of today, with all the changes happening so quickly, many people are finding that in order to advance in their career; a move to a new company, may be necessary. People are much more transient today, moving and changing jobs several times in their lifetime. Dissatisfaction with a job can be incentive for a job change, as well as location moves and other reasons. The mindset of what many of our parents and grandparents experienced has changed from that of “fear of another depression”, to finding a job that is more in-line with our own goals for our future.

There is a shift in perspectives for some people, that are beginning to consider that their happiness and achievements in life, may not be achieved simply by working for someone else for the next fifty (50) years. There is this awareness of “a direction”, “goal”, “mission”, or purpose. This is not driven by outside influences, but seems to offer “a sense of freedom and many creative thoughts”, from the inside of us.

Internet Connections offers Independence and with an Interdependence through the connections available. With the opportunities the internet offers us, we can find work possibilities for ourselves, part-time or full-time. We can choose to work part-time for companies that interest us, while having our own on-line businesses to build at the same time.

sharing our ideas

Job Boards, Job Sharing, Job Types, Job Duties, – and more are finding ways to adapt to this changing job seeker environment.

It is very exciting for me to share these ideas with you. Jobs and work have been the mainstay of my life for a long time. From working with all levels of employee skills to training students and special needs individuals in job search techniques, seeing positive movement (for individual’s personal goals) gives me hope for the future.

Employers Are Finding Remote Workers Beneficial.

According to Flexjobs.com, here is a list of :

Top 100 Companies Hiring Remote Employees 2020

Promising Career Fields For Remote Jobs:

Healthcare and computer/IT continue to be the most promising career fields for remote-friendly jobs, while the education industry has also enjoyed sustained growth in its remote job opportunities. Sales and customer service remain strong prospects for remote jobs, with virtual assistants, in particular, seeing higher demand. Remote work is also being more widely adopted across the fields of business, accounting, and finance.

  1. Medical & Health
  2. Computer & IT
  3. Customer Service
  4. Education & Training
  5. Sales
  6. Accounting & Finance

There are many reasons that remote jobs are becoming more and more attractive. Internet communication has given us new ways to work without commute and lost time in transit. Some jobs that are twenty-four hours are great examples that can be done by remote personnel.

Remote jobs give opportunities for smaller, rural areas to keep their younger residents living in the area. Remote jobs can help those disabled workers with difficulties in traveling to work.

Find out more, visit flexjobs.com website.

Job Connection Changes in 2020 can be seen in the way job descriptions are being written, job functions and job search tactics. (AI is getting more and more involved in the process.) The smart job seeker knows “keywords and “long-tail keywords”.

Keywords are Power Words!

Older Workers & Younger Workers

holiday ads?
My Grandson is Applying For The Same Job???

Recruiting in 2011-2012, was a transitional time for older workers and younger workers. During that period, I experienced something strange. There were grandfathers applying for the same jobs that their grandsons were considering. With such a difference in the experience level, what were we seeing? Competition between generations for the same jobs???

Our younger workers and our older workers have different skills. Today, there is a need to appreciate the, not so subtle, differences. Experience is invaluable. There are many skilled labor jobs today that are going unfilled. Where can we find a source of knowledge for these skills? Our older workers are the ones that we can turn to to help with our needs. Older meaning 50 years or older, offers a productive period of many peoples’s lives today.

Online Training Programs

online classes

Online training is becoming more and more popular. Training for older workers or by older workers; in some cases younger workers are teaching older workers about technology. Remember younger workers can help older workers with computer and tech knowledge. There is an interesting connection with value from both sides of the age spectrum at this time in our history. The past 20-30 years has shown us how quickly our society can change its’ habits through the use of technology.

Two of my favorite go-to classroom opportunities are: Udemy.com and Alison.com . The classes are varied and some offer certificates upon completion. Education is the best thing we can do for ourselves. No matter if we are in the job market, or not. Learning is beneficial for us.

This is National Mentoring Month – Please Get Involved – https://dfosterandfriends.org/national-mentoring-month-cta-arizona-update-2020/

sharing your socially conscious business ideas

Teaching what we know can be considered a gig. Whether we want to teach one-on-one, on-line classes, training videos, or through our own informational blog, we have new options to consider.

U.S. Census : Statistics say that older people outnumber younger people now and this is only growing in the coming periods.

One last thought, I did read an article about seniors (over 50) from AARP Magazine. The article talked about “Gigs”. Gigs can offer the opportunity for income that part-time jobs offer, but gigs also offer independence, creativity, personal gratification and responsibilities of being self-employed. https://www.aarp.org/work/working-at-50-plus/info-2018/older-gig-workers-fd.html

Thank you for reading.

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