Mentoring not what you think

Mentoring Is Not

Always What We Expect –


Mentoring is not always what we expect to see in The Twenty First Century.   Because our younger generations have completely different relationships with technology than the majority of us babyboomers, the typical assumption about “mentoring” sometimes has been turned upside down.

When I began studying Internet Marketing in 2009, there was an Internet Marketing Group that I joined to learn the techniques that the Gurus know. The Membership Site was called Stomper.Net, and included people like Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon.   All these guys were much younger than me at the time.   There was even a young guy teaching internet marketing classes at sixteen years old.    He had already been extremely successful with internet marketing and had some really great information to share.  As a person that only knew the processes of recuiting on the internet, “internet marketing” was a foreign language to me.   The internet marketing “gurus” were all much younger than me, but the knowledge they had was what I wanted to know.

Mentoring not what you think

We talk alot about our older generations mentoring,

but our younger generations can offer us very useful, valuable information.  

We have all seen Grandpa or Grandma asking for help with cell phones, laptops or computers.

 If you haven’t seen the following video, be sure to check it out:  CyberSeniors.org.

Many businesses are in need of being more computer or internet savvy, for purposes of advertising, staying current in their industryonline video advertising - is this the answer? and reaching clients or customers.  There is always need for people that understand and enjoy working with and around computers and technology.  The field has many possibilities for our younger generation’s future careers.

If we are open-minded, ready to learn and realize that our younger generations possess information that is as valuable to us, as our information is valuable to them, the generation-to-generation teaching model can create more well rounded individuals in all of us.  We will be amazed at how connected we can become through the knowledge that we can experience and share together.

Enjoy one of my “latest favorite”

new mentor’s video:


We have such a great opportunity to learn from each other today.

Take time to find out what the generations before or after you knows.  Enjoy the time you spend together, because the world views may be much more alike than you think.  There are generation differences and we should be grateful for them.  We have learning experiences between us that are incredible opportunities.  Respecting these differences for the gifts that they are,  is up to us.

Mentoring is not always what you thinkNo matter who we are, we always have something to learn and teach.  Whether we learn from those younger or older than we are, the knowledge is invaluable.  Our differences are what make each of us so special.  As we begin to appreciate that we all have the same wants and needs for ourselves and our families, we see our interactions more importantly.

 The most important things are that we stay open to what can be learned from others and not close our minds to new or different ways of interacting with each other.


Let’s Work Together To Succeed.  !!

Have a Great New Week and Learn Something New!


Mentoring Is Not About Age – It is About Knowledge


Thanks for reading.    Debbie Foster

I wanted to share something with you if your child enjoys computers.  I believe that all jobs today will have some aspect of computer and computer programs.


If you or your children have any interest at all in learning more about programs to learn more about computer programming, and more,

please check out the following website:

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