Prison Reform Movements

Prison Reform Movement in the 21st Century

New Ideas That Are Being Tested Today

Prison Reform Movements have come and gone over the years.

 It helps us to remember that these people are human Prison Reform Movementsbeings and need to be treated with respect.  Society has begun to understand that treating individuals as if they do not deserve respect, does not create positive changes in an individual’s path.  When an individual is not treated with respect, he loses respect for himself.  Thus he loses his own ambition and ceases to move toward a better life inside or outside of the prison system.

Prison Reform Movements are proving that providing an environment that nurtures learning and opportunities for growth through attitudes of respect are creating the change we want to see in our prisons today.

The increase in those that are incarcerated in America just over the past few years is staggering.  There is something seriously wrong with numbers like these.  Programs such as Mr. Gregg’s are proving that with the proper opportunities, many of these individuals can become successful in their lives.

The Success Rate For This Prison Reform Group Is Amazing.  

yes- socially conscious business ideas

Prison Reform Movements are happening in other countries and proving to be very successful. The following video offers another approach that is also having success with their program


It is heartwarming to see these individuals being treated as human beings, allowed to experience some form of interaction with their piers.  Isolation from working within a society, or a society based on control, creates a feeling of mere survival.  When all we are seeing in our future is survival, we lose ambition and drive easily. Losing ambition can create anger and a victim mentality.  This is a bad combination.

As I was thinking about it, these men are being prepared tothe need for computer science education for girls return to the outside by simply having freedom to be themselves.  Social Change is beginning to show up in many aspects of life on this planet.  It is exciting to see new solutions for old problems.

The Prison Reform Movement in the 21st century is totally looking at solutions that have never been tried before.  Social change is upon us and society is understanding how important it is for our old policies of duality to fade.

We are seeing the beginning of New Ideas.  Sharing these new ideas is when we begin to find the solutions we need.

social change chaosThanks for reading.   Best of Luck Always


   Share your ideas for change!

Rick Warren
“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”
― Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

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