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Homemade Survival Food Recipes-

The Talk of Survival Food Today Is Growing.

The Food Industry has been in my vision a lot lately.  Maybe because my eating habits are changing rapidly and the “more healthy”, less big boxed items in the grocery store appeal to me.  Truthfully, we really don’t know what we are eating anymore.  My personal feeling about eating any meat or animal is becoming stronger, and I understand more about how we acquire energy from what we are putting in our bodies.

I heard someone say recently, that we should “Eat to Live” and NOT “Live to Eat”.   It’s a good way to make yourself listen to your body and what it is telling you works and doesn’t work for your own well-being anymore.


Even a skeptic or non conspiracy theorist must ask why the FDA would allow chemicals to be added to food.  Food should  be natural, and contain purely natural sources for our well being.  And then we ask, Monsanto? Isn’t that the company that made the “Round Up” stuff that my dad used to kill weeds or insects?   Again, the answer that comes to me is…………”That can’t be a good thing……for my body.”  Simple, huh !  Our bodies don’t want toxic materials, at least my body has always responded negatively when something toxic came into it.

More and more, people are talking about removing themselves from this toxic environment that has been created for us.  Maybe we can’t do anything directly about the chemtrails being sprayed in the sky, and the flouride and other negative things being added to our water systems, or the propoganda that the media is sending over our television sets (unless, we are ready to take the step of turning off the tube), but we can begin our own small approach to keeping our foods healthy.  Remember when these chemicals are added to these crops the dirt itself becomes contaminated with these chemicals.

Here is a great site link to ideas for our farming industry’s comeback. Farmresettlementcongress.org.  A non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the farming way of life to return the food production to those that understand the process that best works for the land.  The Farmers.  

Topsey Turvey ideas have made us a group of individuals that are dependent upon grocery stores and Walmarts for our needs.  I recently watched a video that exposed that we are probably only a 3-day supply of running out of food if the transportation system goes down.  This leads to people stocking up on dry food, can food or growing their own food.

street-market-fruits-groceryI live in a rural area and many people grow their own food.  Our community also supports a community garden.  City dwellers, singles living alone, and those that don’t want to feel this dependency have options today.  Hydroponics growing your own food, is possible today for individuals.  Finding answers together is something you might want to discuss with your neighbors, homeowners associations or city officials. Sharing homemade survival food recipes is also a great idea.  I recently saw a recipe for Zuchinni Jelly in my local newspaper.


If you are like me and many others, adding additives that are chemically altering does not sound like a wise choice, and neither does dependency on the trucking system for my substanance.  Find ways that will work for you to keep your body as clear as possible, your mind open to new ideas and your belief that our lives matter.  We were all created to live our lives in harmony with the nature that has been offered to us as a gift, no modification needed.

Here is the recipe – and thanks for reading – Please share with others.

This is the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever– Kills Any Infections In The Body

(no I haven’t tried it yet – but it certainly looks natural!)


Take care and Stay Safe and Aware!


Thanks for reading.

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