legal representationJob Posting: Humanitarian Civil Attorney To Represent American Consumers

Posted By:  Debbie Foster

legal representationDFF Job Posting:  

A Humanitarian Civil Attorney

For: D Foster and Friends:  The American Consumers”


Update!!!     January 26, 2016


Well, thanks to Judge Anna, I understand why I never got a Humanitarian Civil Attorney respond to my Job Description in August, 2015.   I was told that due to an oath that all lawyers take, they truly are not able to represent their clients.  According to Anna, all lawyers take an oath to the British Crown.

Please read, it is important for all of us to be aware that the courts are rigged against the Human.  This is done through our Judges, Attorneys and other officials that have taken oaths to the criminals that have taken charge of our justice system.

Here is a quote from Judge Anna’s article.  Please take the time to read the information contained in the whole article, as it answers many of the questions that we have been asking ourselves over the years.

“Explain this to some of the lawyers you know who have been so proud to carry a Bar Association Card. Ask them why they are putting up with this and betraying their own families, friends, and neighbors? Why are they working for the Federal United States when they could just as easily work for the Continental United States? All they have to do is tear up their Bar Card and foreswear the title of “Esquire”. Whoopee-Ding-Dong, right?

Stop being attorneys “at” law and start being attorneys “in” law.

The Bar Associations have operated as closed union shops for three generations and gotten away with fleecing their members and demanding that lawyers go along with all this fraud and “keep silent” about it, or be threatened with fines, “disbarment”, abuse from the judges, or worse.

If the “American” Bar Association and the “State” Bar Associations won’t listen to reason and come to heel, it is time to outlaw them— they have all functioned as criminal syndicates on our shores and in violation of the treaties that allow them to operate here at all.
American lawyers are the ones who should be leading the pack and bringing this destruction to an end. They should be burning their Bar Cards like feminists burned bras, if they want any credibility or respect as advocates of the Rule of Law.

With or without a Bar Card they have every right to use our court buildings and facilities and to operate our lawful Public Courts. They are completely competent to set up their own fraternal organizations that don’t worship Satan, tell lies, and commit crime in the sanctity of a courtroom.”  From the following article from Judge Anna Reitz.     

Please take the time to read and arm yourself of the facts.  We have not been told the truth about who has been in control of our lives for many, many years.


The answers to why I have not been contacted by a true Humanitarian Attorney could very well lie in the answers that we are being given today.  You can find more information from Judge Anna on her website.  You can also find answers through KrisAnnHall.com website and many others.

The truth is here it is time for us to step up and become part of the solutions.

Thanks for reading.   Stay Safe – Wishing you the best of everything in this new year.

Debbie Foster (A Sovereign Human)

 For Your Information:  Please watch.


Following is the old Humanitarian Civil Attorney Job Description that I had written in August, 2015.


Seeking a Humanitarian Civil Attorney  that is ready to work to help

D Foster and friends, who are the American Consumers, 

that have been affected by the criminal activities of our banking system.

Experience required working with people that are in need of assistance due to banks attaching leins to their credit card debt, mortgages, and any other method of deceptive practices used to deceive the American Consumer.  We seek an attorney that understands the needs of the indiviiduals that are in their worst situation.   These people may be losing their homes or property and are in need of a truly compassionate, honest, caring and loving knowledgeable individual’s assistance.

You will work within the law to stop or reverse any decisions against D Foster and Friends American Consumers,  by these convicted criminal banking facilities.  As we add more cases to your load, we will offer any of our own special services to you, and we will pay for your services on a group rate or sliding scale.

As your client, we will provide you with a letter from each of us individually, explaining in what way these criminal acts have affected us, D Foster and Friends: American Consumers.  These letters collectively should be sent to Loretta Lynch and other official individuals.  As the truth is surfacing, the American Consumers case for relief from such criminality seems to be mounting. The time is NOW for the American Consumers, 

The attorney that we seek is a true socially conscious individual that is not motivated purely by the money he or she receives.  The knowledge of the law, along with the desire to see that, we, “The American Consumers” are no longer threatened by loss of our own property, harrassed by the phone calls and other threats from such organizations of criminal practices.

Due to the recent Convictions of Many of Our Large Banks –  Attorney General Loretta Lynch has expressed her desire that these people are to be vigorously punished.  Because it is the American Consumers that were deceived, any legal proceedings currently in progress, should be stopped, dismissed or properties returned to the individual that has been hurt by these criminal acts.

 Please see more on my blogs.  Bank System Corruption

As our Attorney General Said in this quote:

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the punishments show her department’s willingness “to vigorously prosecute all those who tilt the economic system in their favor; who subvert our marketplaces; and who enrich themselves at the expense of American consumers.

She added:

“The penalty these banks will now pay is fitting considering the long-running and egregious nature of their anticompetitive conduct. It is commensurate with the pervasive harm done. And it should deter competitors in the future from chasing profits without regard to fairness, to the law, or to the public welfare.”“

Please contact me if interested in this

Humanitarian Civil Attorney Position.

Only sincerely interested candidates need apply.



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Addresses To Send Your Letters and other ways to contact

Loretta E. Lynch

Attorney General

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555

To call component officials, see the Directory of Department Officials

Sally Quillian Yates

Deputy Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555

To call component officials, see the Directory of Department Officials

Richard Cordray

Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

P.O. Box 4503

Iowa City, Iowa 52244


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