wolves at the door

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“Wolves At The Door”

September 26, 2018

wolves at the door

Listening to youtube today,  this is September 26, 2018   ………………………..  another Update!!!  

New Perspectives

Answers to questions….such as…  Why are there “Wolves At The Door”?      “Who Are These Wolves At The Door?”     “How Are These Wolves Controlling Our Lives?”         

Wolves at the Door –   

Edward Griffin – Has a very good video to share with us.

There is much truth coming out today .  Truthfully, what we are learning gives us new ways of seeing the world.

Learning the truth is not easy, we must learn to forgive to move on,  and make our lives better from this point on.

It is time to open our eyes, realize the truth, listen to our hearts and create a life that is the best life for ourselves.   The control is being exposed every day.

Open our minds, researching, and “taking our heads out of the sands of illusion, created by propoganda”, is how we begin to work together.

Wake Up America

#WWGOWGA    – The motto for those that are working with the truth instead of the individuals that are

just accepting.  From people that don’t want to know the truth, we hear statements like, “Well, it has always been that way.”

This is acceptance of criminal behavior, with evil intentions.  When we Awaken to this understanding, it can become no longer a choice.  Continuing to stay a victum to this criminality,  becomes difficult and  “just saying NO” to the  land of “Wolves at the Door” becomes a must.    When we learn more information, such as Agenda 21, The Georgia Guidestones, and the purpose of Darpa or other programs being used today on citizens, our life changes.   Knowing changes everything, it becomes a life of recognizing, re-evaluating, and responding (not reacting).  

We can be the change we want to see when we “Just Say No More”.    We now know the truth, what will we do about it?

We  have been controlled by Fear and Propaganda for decades now.

This propaganda machine of fear was in place when I was born.  It has been in place since before I was born, but it has really taken hold over the past seventy years.

Research by people like Edwin Griffin have shown us The Truth, it is up to us to find the information and learn the truth.

There is really no more time to live with our heads buried in the sand.  We have lost our Constitutional Rights to those that have greedy, evil intentions for the entire universe that we live in today.

Wake Up.

The information for your “Awakening” is all around you today.    When you are ready, you will take the time to listen.  There is plenty of information available.  All you need is your own Discernment.

Thanks for reading.   Stay safe in these times of change.  We are living in a very exciting time.

It is our responsibility to become more aware of our world, because we are the ones that are here to make a difference.

We support Socially Aware Entrepreneurs and Organizations.

(I will add more Fun Holiday Ideas – to this page)    Thanks again.    Happy Holidays!

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Today is February, 2018, and from my perspective, it seems the sheep’s clothing is being torn off these wolves.  There are many secrets being shown today, which gives us hope that “the out of control roller coaster” may have a chance to straighten itself.  Seeing our future through eyes that are open, aware, and conscious of who controls our own power, can be change.  Recognizing the truth through one’s own Conscious Awareness is when we learn what is really our future and that we must create it.

Wishing you much Love and Happiness  and Positive Change You Seek in 2018!  DFoster

As long as I can remember I have heard the term:

“Wolves At The Door”

(you can click the link to find info at The Free Dictionary-Idioms)

wofl at the door

The description discusses when one loses his job and is faced with financial issues.  However, in today’s world, that seems to be just one of the “wolves at the door”.   Not only do we have financial issues facing many of us, but health issues, relationship problems, water shortages, hunger and more. When we stop and wonder why these issues are so rampant in our lives a lot of us come up with the same answers.  We also realize that we have let the control over us continue by our own acceptance.

Now that we understand the answers what do we do?  If you are asking, “What can we do?”, that’s a start. It is a much better response, then “oh well, it is just the way it is”.  This is not a problem-solving answer.  This answer comes from the fear that makes you feel like you are a victim.  Solutions do not come from  being in the “victim” mindset, they come from the desire to make things better.

The truth for many of us is that when we weren’t paying attention, we let the roller coaster get out of control.social change  We must be the ones to gain the control levers back.   For some of us we recognized that the ride was out of control, but strangely, was what was considered normal to most of those around us, so we conformed.  There are others of us that recognized the need for change and have been working toward helping us get control for a long time.    It is important for all of us to see a definite need to gain back control now and it is up to us to do it as soon as possible.

We have had many of our forefathers explain how things could get out of hand.  From Thomas Jefferson to John F. Kennedy, there are many names that have tried to warn us.  We begin to understand how we have been controlled by others that do not believe in our desire for being free.

Freedom does not support control.

 For those of us that are listening, information is coming in fast and furious.  Taking in the information, and then discerning it for ourselves takes time.  Once we begin to open our minds, it is almost overwhelming  because there has been so much unknown to us.   So much of the information that we are learning these days, explains why we all have our own form of “wolves at my door” today.  One of my friends signs her emails, “Be Kind To Each Other, Everyone Is Struggling With Something.”

Those wolves that we are dealing with today, are beginning to shed their costumes.  We can see more clearlywolves at the door why and what our forefathers were warning us about so long ago.  A wolf exposed, is no longer “A Big Bad Wolf”.  The exposed wolf becomes the hunted, once the ‘jig is up”.  The victims are no longer victims but victors, because they can claim their own freedom once they know the truth from the lies.

If you have wolves at your door, do you know the truth about how and why those wolves are at your door?  Now is not the time to give blame, but now is the time to take your control back.  Taming wolves is not my thing, but I do know that taking control of your life is not giving your power away to these wolves.  No one should control you with fear, especially when you understand the preplanning that was involved.

The wolves have been in control for a long time.  As we awaken, we understand that it is our fault that the wolves remained in control of us, because of our acceptance of them.  There have been many hardworking people that have had to live their whole lives being controlled by these wolves.  Whether your wolves are financial, medical, relationships, or anything else,  we should take the control of our lives back.  I no longer believe we must accept the pre-paid plans for our control.

Being a Texan, I want to share this video with you – I will add the link in case you want to vist to learn more about Uncle Lucius Music.

“Keep The Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius (Google Play • eMusic • iTunes • AmazonMP3)

What does wolf at my door meanThanks for reading.

Best of Luck Always


As we learn more about these wolves.  It is helpful to find people that can help us.  Many of these wolves have been proved to be in our current legal and governmental system. The truth is coming to light now and you can find information to help you from several sources.

Anna Von Reitz – Explains how our current systems have been corrupted and what our rights really are.

KrisAnnHall.com – Explains more about our current system and the truth about our rights as human beings.

National Liberty Alliance   -Need To Get Help With With Your Court Cases?  .      

Get Help With Foreclosure and Child Custoday Cases.  National Liberty Alliance is working to bring back  Common Law Courts.  We have lost our rights, which has let the Wolves take the control, they do not deserve.  America is the Land of Freedom.

Recognize who these wolves are, how they are staying in control, and what you can do about taking your personal freedoms back.

We can create change together.

Do your own research, discern for yourself the best way to approach those deceptive wolves,

and get your life back.

If you have those wolves at your door,

you have a chance to stand up and create a new system of respect for each other.

We were born to live free and it is time to create the changes–

we need to make this happen now.

We have all seen too much war, deception, control and lack of common respect for another’s well being.

Wake Up World

Share your ideas with others and we can make the changes.

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