Socially Motivated Communities share a goal.  

They have a purpose that they believe are doing positive things for mankind.  We see organizations that are government and church funded.  We also see foundations, not-for-profit, donation-driven and other charitable sounding terms we recognize.  When we support organizations that we feel are true socially motivated communities, we should take the time to be sure where our support is going.  Is it going directly to those in need or to someone else’s agenda?  Can we truly look at what they are doing and see results?  Is the money that these organizations receive really being effective or disappearing somewhere between the receiving and proper distribution.  We must use our own discernment through research and investigation.

Many large socially motivated communities have come under fire over the past few years.  Organizations like The Red Cross. United Way, PETA, Humane Society, and others have come under fire for possible corruption in their ranks of power.  When an organization becomes so large with dissiminated power or authority over others, any organization can acquire unwanted power hungry players.  This desire for power can infiltrate organizations that were created for good.  Some elements of the large group may still be doing positive things, totally being unaware of something “behind the curtain”.   It is up to us to decide who to support and how.

We are living in an age of “looking behind the curtain”.  We are learning that some of the “socially motivatedsocially motivated organizations organizations” were possibly created with “evil” or “greedy” motivations.  That is why when we look at an organization that we support carefully, we need to look closely at the results, before we decide to “throw out the baby with the bath water”, so to speak.   Critical attention to the results of different goals of a large organization, may show us that these organizations are doing good in many respects, there are good-hearted souls, and much benefit is coming from the services that are being provided.  You might consider by-passing the bigger group and supporting the group that is getting results that you support specifically.  This could help to ensure your support goes to the group you want to see grow in successfully helping the community goal.

We have seen how the Red Cross and the Humane Society are there in disasters.  We also know how many United Way Programs have helped individuals through many desperate situations.  Socially motivated communities are how society makes changes together.  Coming together to solve issues and make life better for a part of our society that we, personally, feel inside a desire to improve, is how each of us can make changes.

We know there are many aspects in need of some immediate socially responsible ideas and solutions.  Now that we are seeing behind the curtain, our perceptions are clearer with less distractions.  I have talked about visionaries before and how we, as a whole, have benefited from such individuals.   Now that the curtain is gone or is being removed, let your imagination soar.

One of the visionaries that I was lucky to meet and work with in my lifetime, is Dr. Frank Borreca.  Please watch the following video about The Center – Houston, Texas.  Dr. Borreca had a vision, and when he joined a group of parents that wanted to create better lives for their Special Needs Children in 1956, a wonderfully, special needs community of socially caring people built a Center of Love.

 When you see the faces of these individuals,

there is no doubt that

 The Center is a place of a Vision Achieved.

(I am very blessed with having worked at the Center with Dr. Borreca)




Ingenuity, imagination, desire for seeing positive options for the future is how visionaries see new ideas.  Now that the curtain has been removed, we can see around us the visionaries that are creating change.  We are coming into a time of “Just Say Yes” to imaginative ideas for the future.  The time for us to be afraid of what’s behind the curtain is over.

We can now look into our future, and, hopefully say to ourselves when we see a problem…

  Yes, We Can Fix That!!!


Thanks For Reading – Best of Luck Always

If you are interested in working with The Center in Houston, please check out their

Employment Opportunities Page.


This is a P.S.:  I was looking for images of  “Oz behind the curtain”.  Check out what I found out.  It is hard to Socially Motivated Communities operate from their heartknow all the rules today!  Thank goodness for our new, helpful paradigm of socially motivated communities starting businesses based on “Heart Thoughts and Ideas”.

Open minds and open hearts are creating a new system of sharing.  Driven by only monetary motives, has created laws and rules that don’t always make sense to those of us that feel the need to share.  Now that we are learning more about the curtain that has hidden so much from us, we can look forward to the new.  We see the changes happening all around us today.


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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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