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Who Creates Our Reality?

Science has come a long way in answering the question…..  “Who Creates Our Reality?”

We might be surprised to learn how much our emotions affect the reality in which we live.

Carl Sagan told us much that we didn’t know about the “star stuff” that we are all made of and even that was difficult for me to really understand.  Our understanding of our reality and how our universe affects how we are evolving becomes even more expansive as we learn more about atoms, photons and electrons.  Now that we are awakening to the fact that we are all part of a whole, and that it is up to us to say “Enough is Enough” to power over us, it is up to us to learn how to control our own emotions to move through this opportunity that we have to change the direction of humanity, by changing ourselves.

It seems we are at a crossroads as a society of human beings existing on this planet.  The exciting thing is that we are learning that we have the power to change our reality with our thought patterns.  Knowing this one fact, gives rise to a question that we must each individually ask ourselves………. Are We Ready For This Challenge?

This question, of course, leads to the next question……………. What if we are not ready for such a challenge?

There are 7 billion of us on this planet.  I am sure some are not ready.  Some people may be happy with the status quo and others simply are too busy to consider options such as this.   The programming that has been used to keep us “in naive acceptance” has been very extensive and encompasses every aspect of our being. Our lives have been bathed in the emotions of fear, disease, greed, anger, depression and lack of hope.  It takes courage to realize that these emotions can be dissolved by love of yourself and others.  This is when you know you are ready for the challenge of change.  This is when your personal power begins to grow inside of you.

There is so much to experience in our lives when we are willing to say “Yes” to ourselves and “No” to those sun solar powered energythat are working at putting us in a place of fear.  There is no more fighting against anything in your life that brings negative in your life, because you are filling the empty spaces with love instead of fear. The darkness has no where to hide anymore.

I hope this information brings love to your heart and helps you understand that you can and are ready for the challenge of being the one who creates your reality the way you want it to be.  Dissolving those old thoughts of “not enough” is the key to making your life the way you want.


Freedom of Thought – Is Your Power 

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”
— Carl Sagan (The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark)



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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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