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Aging Population – The Good News


The Aging Population-The Good News about  what is happening now for society’s future.

As we watch the statistics grow of those Baby Boomers that are living longer and healthier lives, new opportunities open up for looking at those extra thirty years that we are adding to our lives.  Thirty years is a long time and the more healthy, vibrant, and involved we are in our lives the better those lives will be.

Society was accustomed to 50 years old, being the age that was when some individuals should begin to worry about “the stability” of your job. Especially vulnerable were those working with larger organizations and corporations, because those corporations were looking for the young, hungry and cheaper new employees.   Sales was particularly vulnerable in that way when I was growing up, and my father made a point of talking about it as I grew older.   Today, we are seeing many changes regarding our perceptions of “work” and “jobs”.  One thing that we are seeing more of today,  is people tapping into their natural talents, which many times, will include creative and imaginitive ideas.

This is great news for

Baby Boomers.

If people over 50 decided to use their creativity and imagination that was not part of their original career, and adapted those ideas to something new and different, we could change the world, or at least the world around us.   There are many options today.

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Mentoring can be done at any age, not just with the aging population, but peer to peer.  Today we see our young people teaching our seniors how to get on Facebook in CyberSeniors.org.    The value of mentoring is ever-lasting.  Get involved with your community.  Find ways to share your knowledge with others.  Creating ways of making a change in others is a gift we can share that never grows old.  Groups like Encore.org , AmericasPromise.org, and GenerationtoGeneration.org are proof that there is a movement for our older people to get involved.

“Underpinning both the infrastructural and economic shifts that must occur to accommodate the rapidly graying population is something more intangible: We need to adjust our overall attitude toward growing old. As a culture, we tend to treat aging as a separate phase, not an extension of the same life. “You see people in retirement communities and they’re infantilized, spoken to as if they were infants even though they’ve lived these rich lives and had remarkable experiences,” Irving says.”

The above article From Fast Company.com:  Our Aging Population Can Be An Economic Power House  is very long, but very interesting, about the changes occuring due to the aging population.   Be sure to click the link to read more.

aging population Changes are happening around us and being part of all the new and different things available to us, can generate new adventures for our lives.  There are many Volunteer Jobs available today.   Check out VolunteerMatch.org to find groups in your area.  Many of the volunteer job descriptions have an age category of “55 plus”.  Today many of us at 55 and beyond still need some financial renumeration.

It is a suggestion that Non Profits act as Sponsors for Mentors that have special projects to help an organization.   Many grants and other funding sources are available today.  With the support of the organization, Mentors can obtain the funding to create the project and earn some supplemental income.

Find ways to deliver your knowledge and passions and help others by consider Mentoring.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Debbie Foster.

You can find me on Mentoring.org : DFF Jobs For Change

Watch an interview with Encore Services,  Vice President,

Marci Alboher


Over 50? A New Way To Work

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By Debbie Foster

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