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Alternative Journalism Careers in 2015


Journalism today is being discussed because of many issues.  One of the reasons is the change we have seen in the way information is distributed to the public.  Just in some people’s lifetime, they have experienced radio being the main form, and for some of these same people they did not have the luxury of having a radio when they were young.  We have seen the decline of newspapers and almost a level of “over-kill” on the television.  Now we have the internet and we are birthing a new generation of journalist.

alternative journalism careersFor so long we have only had our main street media, including television and newspapers to report the news to us.  The new alternative journalism careers in 2015 are based on the ideology of truth.  With this ideology and the fact that individuals can now be journalist simply by using their cell phones, which gives them immediate coverage of any noteworthy event.  We can record and share things as simple and special as a baby’s first step or an event that is important to the collective.

The entrepreneur individual that has passion for what is happening and sharing with the public today has a chance to create his own career on the internet spawning new alternative journalism careers in 2015.  Some, like Luke, are offering to train others with such a passion.

Because of how many individuals feel about what we are seeing on the main street media, we are seeing more and new alternative journalism careers in 2015.    The public feels that it is not getting the truth from its media sources. Luke is one of the new alternative journalist that I follow on a regular basis.  He is eager to get the truth to us, and you can see his dedication in this video.

Luke is a great example of following your passion.  As he follows his passion, others that have similar passions may feel inspired.  It is inspirational to see entrepreneurs and others with small business ideas  follow their socially conscious business ideas.  Synchonicity becomes part of our lives when we are ready to evaluate what we believe and how we feel about what we are doing everyday.  Seeing people follow their hearts, without fear, makes us believe that social change is happening.  Yes, social change does pass through a stage of social chaos, but through each of us recognizing our own path, we will change the chaos into something very new and positive.

Our society seems to be going through a metamorphosis as a whole, by each of us recognizing our own Huemanity is arisingvalue.  I applaud any individual that is moving toward following their path.  There are many people today that are ready to become the person that they know they can become.  It is like seeing butterflies emerging from their cocoons.  By following your heart, you can make your life better by helping to create a better world for all of us.

It is great to see our world changing for the better.  Many people are awaiting the news about Greece’s vote today. Hearing the truth about events that are important to us, sometimes is best left to the alternative news reporters. because many of them have a passion for giving us the truth.

Alternative journalism careers in 2015 are opening doors for many individuals, like Luke, to become the #1 source of information we need.  Be sure to follow Luke’s website at  Wearechange.org. and give him a thumbs up on his videos.

Thanks for reading  – Hope you are finding the best path for you.

Take care.


7-6-2015:  Update!


Our world is changing and  Alternative Journalist Careers for 2015, are on the rise.  We want to know the truth and the individuals that have passion for the truth, are ready and willing to provide truthful information to us.  Once we receive the truth, then it is up to us to discern the truth as we perceive it using the information these journalist provide.

Eyes Open.  🙂


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By Debbie Foster

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