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Environmentally, we humans have a lot to do.  Our Oceans are very important to all life on this planet and  hearing the statistics given in this news information should be quite disturbing to each of us.

It seems that somehow we forgot that we are the custodians.  As Clean the ocean garbage patch NOWsuch, we must learn to clean up after ourselves.  When we really put our minds and hearts to something, we can create solutions.

This is such an inspiring article.  It shows what one person with one bright idea for change can do.  Each of us have our passions, desires, special gifts, along with creative thoughts.

Socially Motivated Idea

This website is here to inspire and give information about others that are working to find solutions.

The Ocean Garbage Patch Solutions issue is one of those great ideas that might start small, but by sharing can make big changes.

Best of Luck Always.


Thanks for reading.

I was thinking about how creative this young man really is.  When I was growing up, I remember tar getting all over our feet and tires when we went to the beach.  As a young person, I just accepted this as being “normal”.  I have learned over the years, don’t accept things just because they are the “normal” way of being.

http-::www.beaumontenterprise.com:news:health:article:study-tar-balls-found-in-gulf-teeming-with-4977264This is a bit of a disturbing article from the Beaumont Enterprise about what was found in the tar on the beaches at Orange Beach, Alabama.  It is dated May 2014, so it is old – I found it when I was looking for a picture of tar on the beach.

Stay Sharp!

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