learning by teaching paradigm

Learning By Teaching Paradigm –

What Makes It So Effective?

As scientist, engineers, teachers and others discover more aboutteen and baby how to help individuals learn new approaches to solving problems, we are seeing changes in how things are getting done.  “Learning by teaching” is a paradigm shift that can be very effective.

The act of learning is not always as much fun as helping others.  The feeling of helping others offers a sense of accomplishment, purpose and a connection with another.  In the instance below, a child that is helping a robot understand how to learn handwriting skills, improves his own learning capacity by helping the robot learn new skills.  Creating the sense of accomplishment in the child creates the feeling of success when the robot is able to complete it’s handwriting tasks.

CoWriter: EPFL’s New Robot Teaches Kids How to Write | Wall Street Daily

“Engineers at EPFL have created a robotic learning system called CoWriter, which turns students into teachers when it comes to learning handwriting skills.”

Once again, we see how computers have changed our world over the past 20-25 years.  Creative approaches to how we have done things in the past are changing our world in almost every aspect.  Our youth of today have a lot to offer the older generations.  As the students become more adept at their own skills needed for success in today’s world, their value to society is increased. The following video shows programs of young students working with our seniors.


In this time of our youth and many of our more seasoned individuals in need of solutions for their future, making this new Learning By Teaching Paradigm Shift” brings us all closer together and creates new opportunities for each of us.  The computer has changed many things in society, including how we learn.  We have new potential for increasing knowledge by sharing our skills with each other.  The more senior of us can experience new avenues of entertainment, connections and learning new skills.  The younger of us can improve their own “living skills” by sharing their computer skills which have been part of their lives since birth.  They can also glimmer some of the wisdom and humor that can be obtained through experience.

There are great new ways for us to connect with each other.  When we put our focus to solving problems for each other, we can create new worlds.

Learning By Teaching Paradigm Shift can be  called working together.  When we begin to do this the world makes a shift for everyone.

Now that we understand how valuable the Learning By Teaching Paradigm is,  I suggest that we institute more Internship Programs in schools.   The value that Internship programs can have to society is multiple.  Business owners that need help, can offer internships for our youth.  These internships can be paid or unpaid, the value is in the learning, interaction and future possibilities for both the “teacher” and the “student”

Albert Einstein
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
— Albert Einstein

Thanks for reading. Is a robot conscious?

Best of Luck Always!


Cyber-Senior Documentary Trailer


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By Debbie Foster

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