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socially conscious idea: corporations are not people
Google?? Why is my name all capital on my birth certificate and all my bills?

This statement seems pretty obvious at first.  However, there does seem to be a bit of confusion around this statement .  Possibly, the confusion has been made worse by the CAPITALIZING OF THE NAME ON ALL OF OUR BUSINESS PAPERS.  Have you ever wondered why your name is capitalized on all your bills, contracts, and official documentation?   You might find that your BIRTH CERTIFICATE has your name in all caps, as well.

If you have never investigated why your name is all caps, you might be surprised when you do a little research.  Strangely, there are many things that we never questioned before and now that we are becoming more socially aware, we want to find answers to questions like these.  Google has been a blessing for those of us with questions and I look forward to an open free internet for all of us to enjoy.   Learning is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our fellow inhabitants.

Business Owners are encouraged to incorporate or seek some type of protection from legal encumbrances.  Thus, we can understand that CORPORATIONS are NOT people, because the business owners, as people, are looking for protection from lawsuits or other forms of repercusions, because of what they do, or may not do,  in their BUSINESS.  


When have we usually heard a statement like this?  

In most of the instances that I have heard such a statement, there is usually a “WINNER” and a “Loser”.  In other words, something disasterous has happened and there are negative consequences happening to “the unfortunate loser”.  We have seen animals, birds, people and land suffer due to some of these situations, and they are usually “the innocent”,  including “We The People” more than a few times.  

The “WINNER” seems to be justifying the outcome.  It is more of a justification for some businessmen’s lack of human (people) connection (compassion) to the “Loser” of the situation.

An example of such a conversation is when we have large oil spills, nuclear leaks, air pollution, corporations stealing people’s land or other socially destructive acts of greed.

Just to Emphasize:  

 Social Consciousness is a point in time when we really begin to look

closer at how our world is run and why.

corporations are not people
Don’f Forget!


NOT People

Over the past month, I have been taking a Constitution Course through National Liberty Alliance.  

The united States for America Constitution clearly shows us that the forefathers intended our form of government to be a republic.  I am just starting their Civics Course, which gives us information about how our republic has been usurped throughout the years.   When we begin to look closely at how our freedoms have been devalued, our education system has been stiffiled and our Constitution has intentionally  been corrupted through man-made statutes, without the “real” input from “We The People”, it can be difficult to manuever in your mind.

http://quotesgram.com Who do we trust? Benjamin Franklin

Without us realizing it, our government is being run as a corporation.  We have let several things get away from us that are very important to our “We The People’s” freedoms.  To name just a couple of things:

The federal government only has power that

“We The People” allow them.


There are only eighteen enumerated powers

These Powers Are Strictly Limited.

corporate america


Corporations cannot sue individuals (We The People).

(Small letters of your name)

 The enumerated powers do not include government charging

We The People”

 taxes on our salaries.

The power that the United States Government  actually has

only extends to the size of

The District of Columbia and a ten-mile square.


“We The People” are protected by

Due Process Of Law.

This is a right that was given to us by the Creator that created us, and protected by Our Bill of Rights.  

There must be a jury of one’s peers, not one chosen by an attorney, whose job it is to win a case.  The judge does not have the Authority to make a judgement regarding a case against…..                                                        we the people”.

Each county is responsible for setting up it’s own Grand Jury because our counties are sovereign and represent “We The People” . 

That is why your elected officials, such as your County Sheriff, sign oaths that they will uphold the Constitution, as outlined by the forefathers.

Statutes and codes created through the INREM, Courts of Equity, or “At Sea” courts, are considered NO LAW, when they do not adhere to the Constitution.

growing consciousnessNow that we know what the Constitution says, we begin to think about the following:

Therefore….. summary judgements are bogus and should be stopped by your local County Sheriff, as he is Law of the Land for your area and signed an Oath to protect your Constitutional Rights.     Remember!

You Voted for him to Represent You!

Learn More About Our Unalienable Rights. 

We Must Know Our Rights In Order To Return Them

Take The Free Courses At National Liberty Alliance.org  

It is also excellent for students

Our Children are not taught our rights in schools today – Thanks to Common Core Policies

Be Sure and Read The Message About Freedom Page On This Website     

When is the last time you saw a jury of someone’s peers? 

Juries are chosen by the Lawyers involved –  This is not a Jury of Your Peers –  Statutes Control The Current Judicial Systems. 

Statutes Are UnConstitutional.  

 All elected officials should be aware of these statements,

as they must sign an Oath of Office giving notice that they are representatives for “We the People”

Click The Following Link To Read More about The Power of the Sheriff

Here I want to share a questionnaire that you might want to take to your County Sheriff from the Consitutional Sheriffs’ Website.  It is a very informative questionnaire and may help you find a socially aware official that does believe in our Constitution and will represent you, as We The People, in your community.

constitutional sheriff


If I have brought questions to your mind, please check out NationalLibertyAlliance.org 

Take the FREE courses they offer.

 You will be amazed at what you learn and how far away reality is from how our forefathers envisioned a future of unobstructed life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all of us

living in these beautiful united States for America.

committees of safety

There is so much that even my generation was NOT taught about Who—“We The People” really are.  

Our Freedoms are truly our responsibility.  We must understand them, to stand up for them.  And, stand up for them, we must, if we want to ensure them for future generations to come.

When you learn how our rights have been usurped simply by lack of education regarding these unalienable rights that were protected by our forefathers, you may be surprised and probably angered.

View A Copy of the Constitution Here

There is little doubt that our world has operated on a basis that has done damage to the planet and it’s inhabitants.   When we start asking questions about who, why, how and for what motive………….we begin to become more and more socially conscious of our environment.  Take the time to learn about the difference between corporations and “We The People”.   We have “forgotten” that our Creator (by whatever name) has given us rights that can not be taken from us.  If our schools are not teaching our students about these rights, then it is up to us to ensure the knowledge endures.

I am updating this website because I just watched this interesting video, which might help us with new ideas in 2021

Best of Luck always.

Thanks for reading.

Debbie Foster

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graphics created just for you
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