the upside the awakening process

The Upside Of The Awakening Process

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The upside of The Awakening Process (#GreatAwakening), sometimes is difficult to see.  As we are moving through the process, there are disturbances that we cannot ignore.  Understanding that these “disturbances” can be life altering, we need to recognize that there are lessons to be learned within them.  Reflection is needed to understand what is happening to our own consciousness as The Awareness comes in.  Adjustments from a very deep  level  of our “human” are necessary.  This is a time of moving through guilt, shame, disgust, and recognition of many things hidden, within you and outside of you.  

the upside of the awakeningReaching the other side of this time, is when you begin to see an Upside Of The Awakening Process.  Clarity becomes the key word, as the illusions of what we thought was real are cleared.  This takes courage to accept and discern what happens next.  For some, The Truth that they are beginning to understand is “too much” and they want to just retreat.  Sometimes, we must retreet in order to see more clearly.  This is natural.  However, one must remember that without you there is no change.  So, what is outside of you may stay the same, but you must change in order to create the union of others to make a universal change.   We are beginning to see that shift because more are experiencing the beginnings of their own opening to The Awakening Process.  

Your thoughts, your well wishes, your appreciation and gratitude create passions in your life.  The Awakening Process is not just about what is outside of you, but more about you and your consciousness of action.  There has been a huge decline in “consciousness of action” for many people.   We can see it within our water, land, air .  The  external appearances of respect for other living beings, including our lovely planet, is deplorable.  These actions include the Oil & Gas Industry, which has  become a race for more land, money,  and control, within the elite population.   

sharing our ideasRemember we had free energy with Nicola Tesla;  but the banker, J.P. Morgan,  put a stop to it. 

Why haven’t we seen any great free energy sources, since.  Or have we? .       

 Examples:     (Keshe Foundation 2015.)   There are many  others that have developed Free Energy Solutions , over the decades, but they are no longer with us. 

………..(sorry, I digress)


What does one do with the anger? 


The Upside To The Awakening
The Upside to The Awakening

One of the most distressing things about The Awakening Process is anger.  This is one of the emotions that I had the most trouble working through.  As a child, I remember seeing the tar on the crabs, birds and all over the sand, including our feet and towels.  I very clearly remember  thinking there was something seriously wrong with this.   I wondered how my parents could possibly think this was ok.  As I grew up, the chemical spills, oil and gas plant explosions and even the foul smell in the air became more and more accepted as just part of living.  Eventually, my income even depended upon this business of oil and gas, putting people to work in oil and gas jobs.  This is a far cry from the young child that wanted to be a Social Worker and help the world be a better place.  My Awakening included a huge amount of guilt and anger and I am still processing through those emotions.  


The following is an excerpt from a Blog by Laura Marie, entitled:  21 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening


“At this time, many things are changing in the world. We live in a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before. A lot of people become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change. Many people now want to take their lives back into their own hands and escape the model imposed by society in order to really know happiness and live the life they truly want to live – not one dictated by television, magazines, movies, social identifications and all kinds of meaningless clichés many now want to get away from..”


Be sure to read the article, especially if you are beginning to question your life and how your life has evolved through the years.  It feels good to know others are experiencing these new awakenings to their consciousness.  I also read the comments on Ms. Marie’s post and can relate to many of them.  The journey is one that can be very disruptive to one’s current life, but with Divine Consciousness being your end goal, the trip is invaluable. 

There  really is a movement toward The Awakening, and I am excited to see where those of us that are Awake can take us.  The New Culture of Sharing, Respect for Each Other, and Respect for Ourselves and a recognition of the wonderful bounties that have been provided to us through Mother Nature is rising.  The planet can no longer support the destruction that humans have caused.  There is a shift in the knowledge that to survive we must become more conscious of what is really important to life.  This is consciousness of actions, which allows us a new perspective on what has been accepted as “normal “, “just business” and “power over others”.  

the upside of the awakeningMany of us have forgotten those passions that we had as children.  The Spirtual Awakening of our Consciousness brings in an awakening of such passions.  Our passions are internal to us,.  Our passions are where we can be creative, innovative and travel into our imagination to create our new experiences.   Begin to discover more of that person you find inside.  Finding the connection to the Truth inside you is a journey.  It is the Upside of The Awakening  (#GreatAwakening) and you will never be the same again.  

No longer is an existence of unquestioning acceptance to be tolerated by those of us that are awake.  Responsibility for the care of our world and those living upon it is up to those that are no longer asleep or happy living with their head buried in the sand.  Staying in our bubble created by those that are driven by greed and control is collapsing.  Our future can be created to include, not exclude, all life  as being a precious addition to the world, and worthy of respect and protection from harm.  


Start exploring you today.  You can download our information to help you on your journey of The Awakening.  Together we can discover and create a new way of living, that encourages life, liberty and Happiness for all, not just for those that want to benefit for themselves.   

The Upside to The Awakening Process:


………….Recognizing What You Already Know

………….Following Your Heart



  • RememberThis:  “I was becoming what I already am. “




Wishing you a very Happy Upside to The Awakening! 

Create the life you want.  This Spiritual Awakening is designed for us to grow, awaken and create conscious actions to better our world.

Thanks For Reading.

D Foster

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For those that are experiencing #The Great Awakening, this video may reasonate with you  (it certainly does me).

Many Thanks To Doreen Agostino for her article sharing this video: https://youtu.be/cnnsOTOE-Fg



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