The World Trade Center Teardrop Statue!

Here is Something you may not know even if you live in New York or New Jersey.

Why have we not heard of this beautiful statue?  What a lovely rememberance of those that lost their lives that day.  It brought tears to my eyes to listen to Sylvia share this video with us.


All we hear about is negative information regarding Russia.  The majority of what we hear on our main street media is about war developments with Russia.  So much more can be experienced when we learn about lovely expressions of sympathy coming from other countries.  The World Trade Center changed our country forever.  The statue done by such an accomplished artist, with such sincere thought provoking effort, from Russia shows me personally a very empathetic gesture on their part.  The American people somehow have no idea of what a beautiful tribute we received from this country.  The statue was erected in 2006,  and the question Sylivia asks is very valid……….”Why were we not told about Tear Drop?”

Folks, again, discernment is yours.  However, in my eyes, a stunning, lovely gesture such as this beautiful sculpture should have been acknowledged by all of us, but we were not told.  This is disgraceful and seems to suggest some ulterior motive on the part of our press.

I found Sylvia’s video through the following website.  You can find much more information at this link:  Russia Gave The US A  9/11 Memorial.      The artist even came to the U.S. to get a sense of his creation, before starting.  All the victims names are displayed and the lovely teardrop actually drops water.  I feel a sense of understanding the deep level of grief felt by all of us through this memorial and feel it is every American’s right to know of this thoughtful gift.  

A thinking person must wonder why were we never told about such a lovely gesture.   

I look forward to visiting The World Trade Center Teardrop Statue sometime in my future.  The design and care with which it was created, makes my heart feel very warm inside.  I wonder why we were never told of this lovely, caring and thoughtful gift.

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck – Always


Update:  8/17/2015 –   I noticed in the comments on Sylvia’s youtube video – that some said there was much information given about the Teardrop Statue at the time.  The information is important for Americans to know and whether the information was promoted in 2006, or not, we still need to share this information, so we know that the U.S. was given such a thoughtful, sensitive gift to express sympathy for the incident we all experienced on September 11th by the country that is considered our enemy.  Thanks for sharing. 

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By Debbie Foster

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