Corruption in our Banking System?

By this point this is old news.

The Question Is:  

What’s Next For American Banking Customers?


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banking system corrupt
See Video Below – Find Out How Our Banking System Evolved. (Not something I learned in school.)

Corruption in our banking system is old news.  As we look back in our history, many of our notable individuals have told us about the corruption in our banking system for many years.

We also know that no individuals have been prosecuted so far for many of the convictions that have already been judged.

As an inquiring minded person, I must wonder about how all these criminal activities occurred but there are no responsible parties charged.

As an individual, I am considered a responsible party for what I do as a person or what I do as a company.

If I don’t pay my credit card debt or my house note, it seems I can be summoned to court by the bank or any other creditor.

The banks that have issued us a loan or credit, have only created a promisory note themselves. There is no actual money involved and the only thing that has value in the first place is your collateral, which is the system created by the banks and if you believe in the system, you feel the obligation as a responsible person to pay. When we wake up to the fact that the system has been created by the bank’s greed, and they have only profited by your desire to be an “upright”, responsible citizen throughout your entire lifetime, your first reaction may be anger.  This part of our culture was designed by them, not for the good of us all, but for the greed of a few men that met in a secretive meeting in 1913 on Jekyll Island.  Be sure to check out

  • Edward Griffin’s Book-“The Creature From Jekyll Island -A second look at The Federal Reserve”


a thinking human beingA thinking person begins to question how our system seems to be working.  It appears that if I am an employee of a very big bank, criminal issues that I have knowingly perpetrated for at least 6 years go unpunished in the court system.   As a human being that followed all the rules of society my whole life, such as keeping a high credit score, paying my bills and taxes on time and basically living as a lawful citizen, I don’t have that same protection.  It even seems that these criminal banks can come after us, feeling justified for taking what little we have left, although they have purposely created the economic downturn that we have had to live through, as we see in the article below.

Big Banks Pay $5.6 Billion, Plead Guilty To Felonies Over Currency And Rate-Fixing : The Two-Way : NPR

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the punishments show her department’s willingness “to vigorously prosecute all those who tilt the economic system in their favor; who subvert our marketplaces; and who enrich themselves at the expense of American consumers.”


She added:

“The penalty these banks will now pay is fitting considering the long-running and egregious nature of their anticompetitive conduct. It is commensurate with the pervasive harm done. And it should deter competitors in the future from chasing profits without regard to fairness, to the law, or to the public welfare.”



The truth is the economic depression that these criminals created for our society is what woke me up.  Taking the time to learn more about how and why our monetary system has been created actually broke my heart.  I also realized that what I thought was helping people get jobs for the past 30 plus years, was actually only creating more income for those that are motivated by greed, and do not care that they are destroying the planet, and many lives in the process.social change  Watching the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, made me realize that what many take for granted as “something that just happens”  does not need to be part of our lives at all.  We have had alternative energy sources since at least Tesla in 1933.  Again greed has manipulated our society. (Check out the information about Tesla and J.P. Morgan.

I have gone from a point of depression, to fear, to anger and now to a feeling of hope for the future.  When I talk to people now, there is a sense of hope.  Society as a whole is becoming more aware.  Many are afraid of change, but change is what is needed.  Once we see our problems, that is when we can move to fix them. Everyday, more and more people wake up and each reacts in their own way.  As long as we promote positive change, respect each other, and understand we are creating this world that we are leaving our young, now, we can add our own new ideas.

I am not a political person at all.  I don’t believe politics will solve our problems.  It is the human race that can solve these problems.  When we begin to recognize what is right and what is wrong, we will begin to drop the fear of these institutions that are not only out-dated but in many cases corrupt.  When we begin to recognize that the problems have been caused by us existing in a truly topsy-turvy world, the desire for our own integrity grows.   This is true for me, and I know it is for many others today.

It seems that we, the public, have been the ones that have been the brunt of the misdoings of these banks. However, when it comes to us, it appears it is still up to us to prove in the courts that we have been dooped. Why? We see it in our some of our newspapers and hear about it on the internet.   We all know the jokes about lawyers and, believe me, I have first hand knowledge of one in particular claiming to really care and represent the public, but only really in it for the money he can get from those that trust in him.



legal representationIf you are a civil lawyer that is really ready to represent individuals with their credit card debt, housing, medical or other issues where these known criminals feel entitlement due to the situations that they created for us, please contact me.

 We now know, without a doubt, it is the wrong doings of these people that have caused the issues, and it is time now for the individual citizen to have their say about it.   There should be no need to negotiate with convicted criminals to save one’s own property from these greedy groups.  The time is now and if there is a honest lawyer out there I would love to talk with him.

We have been seeing the brave individuals within our armed services, our police departements, the healthcare, humanitarian, science and other professions stand up and be counted as human beings ready to live in a world that respects humanity, the planet and every living thing on it.  Finding a lawyer that is ready to stand up for the 99%, is a hero in my book……………..  and no more lawyer jokes for me!

Our differences are how we learn new things.  Respect them

We were all created to be on this planet together.  It is a sad state of affairs when we divide ourselves into haves and have nots, races, religions and forget about respecting each other as human beings, no matter our differences.  I personally feel our planet is changing, people are awakening and realize that hate does not bring peace, love and comfort.

Thanks for reading.  We can create the changes we need – Together!


If you want to know more about our money system, watch this:

What is Money?  Watch the following video:



Robin de Ruiter
“Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (1928) claimed: “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”
— Robin de Ruiter (Worldwide Evil and Misery – The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines)

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