Category: Socially Motivated Communities

Whatever your interest, the socially motivated communities in your area are going to grow. As we see the need for change, we see the need to work together to create the change we want. Find other socially conscious, socially motivated individuals in your area and work together.

An Entrepreneural Spirit is hard to ignore.

  An entrepreneural spirit is hard to ignore. No matter how many times a person with an entrepreneural spirit accepts a “job”, dissatisfaction with the “employee/employer” paradigm creates a sense…

What is the “Learning By Teaching Paradigm”?

Learning By Teaching Paradigm – What Makes It So Effective? As scientist, engineers, teachers and others discover more about how to help individuals learn new approaches to solving problems, we…

Making Changes We Need To See

Making Changes We Need To See Reinvent Your Life   Putting humanitarian welfare and planet welfare  into the equation of any of our business ideas is a great new approach…

Veteran Assistance Program Payson AZ

  Veteran Assistance Program – Payson, AZ The Merritt Center. Betty Merritt is very proud of the success this 501c organization has had over the years helping men and women…

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