Category: Rethink your life

It’s Mentoring Month – January/2022 – Find Ways To Get Involved!

Mentoring Month – January, 2022 Sharing What We Know To Help Others Succeed Getting Involved Can Make A Difference In The World. When We Work Together To Help Others –…

Holiday Season Peaceful Thinking Brings Change

Peaceful Thinking Brings Change Can we carry that “peaceful thinking” with us throughout the year. Holiday Season Wishing You A Beautiful Christmas Holiday and A Wonderful New Year. Peace in…

Consciousness Creates Reality Science Agrees

Consciousness Creates Reality Science Agrees Consciousness creates reality and science agrees. When I was younger and people told me that I could create my own reality, I did not understand…

Who Creates Our Reality

Who Creates Our Reality? Science has come a long way in answering the question….. “Who Creates Our Reality?” We might be surprised to learn how much our emotions affect the…

Finding Ways of Being Of Service To Others

Finding Ways Of Being Of Service To Others is one of the best ways of helping ourselves. Our lives today are filled with “To Do Lists”, it is sometimes difficult…

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