help my email is out of control

Help My Email Is Out Of Control!

Email mailbox confusion.  If you are like me, you probably have multiple emails and keeping up with your mail has become a real issue for you.  Once we take our lives onto the internet, we all get so many promotionalhelp my emails are out of control emails that our boxes fill with distractions of all kinds.  We have information we want, but the deludge of material that we don’t want begins to explode.  I used one of my email accts for news feeds and it is totally out of control at this point, since it also includes promotions and a few important sources of mail, like purchases, I must keep it active.

Even if you are not in the internet marketing arena, you might find the information about how to use the new Gmail Inbox Tabs useful.  I do not know if other email organizations are using a technique similar to this, but so many of us do use Gmail, it might be very helpful for those individuals.


Up Close With Gmail Inbox Tabs: What’s Caught As Promotions; What Gets Into Primary

“Gmail’s new “tabbed” inbox is designed to ensure that your most important email makes it to the main “Primary” tab while lower-priority messages from marke”


I have started using the system and it does seem to help.  I suggest that if you have a new gmail, you institute it when you are setting up the email.   It is really difficult when your emails get to be so many that important items get lost in your mail.

I really don’t know if this will help you, but it is good information for those of us that use gmail.  If you are like me, email seems to grow like weeds, and I really don’t take much time to put everything in individual folders.

help my email is out of controlSo, if you don’t know who to call to help you with all of those out of control emails, stay calm.  It may even be worth it to set up a new free gmail account and start from scratch.


Hope this helps!

Best Wishes Always.  Thanks for reading.

D Foster and Friends.  



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By Debbie Foster

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