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money-finance-bills-bank-notesFor many years, our societies have been operating under a system of rules that emphasize money. How much money we make, what we can purchase for ourselves and how we can create a life for our families.  Over the years, many individuals created their life by  working for big companies that, paid them money and offered security through benefits or future retirement, as incentives.

When our lives are dictated by such an arrangement, then we become only “the players” in the play of our lives. However, when we learn more about ourselves and what we believe in as humanity, our self image changes. We no longer feel the need to be “slaves” to this system of “haves” and “have nots”.  Waring with others over who controls what and why seems fruitless.  It is more important to understand who controls our daily lives.  We begin to take more control over our emotions and feelings, without the need for rules imposed by those that do not respect our personal humanity  or the beautiful planet on which we live.

Take the time to find out about your own passions, desires and goalsFollow your heart for your future.  Taking this time gives you the insight to check your fear, disillusionment, insecurity and unhappiness at the gate and open your own senses to what is “right and or wrong” with how your life is working for you.   You might even discover secrets to the “why things are working or not working” and what to do to create the change you want.  Mindmaps are a good way to discover your inner world, as well as, meditation and quiet moments by yourself in nature.

The youth of our world is so much more aware of themselves than I was when I was deciding on my career.  From very early, my desire was to work with Special Needs people.  After going to college, getting a four-year degree in Social Work, I applied for The Peace Corps and was told that I had “no useful skills”.  Then I took my first Social Work job at a Special Needs Facility, and here, I was told, that I must get a teaching degree if I really wanted to work with these individuals.  So I did get this teaching degree.  Now I am a school teacher, but have no desire to teach.  Long story short, I move into a career in recruiting for jobs, which satisfies my need to help others.  It also gives me an opportunity to start my own small business, which I operated for over twenty-five years.

Follow Your Passion - NOWStarting a small business is a wonderful way for individuals to create their lives in a way that fulfills their passions.  The problem is that you can become “boxed in”, when changes in society change economic circumstances.  Working with the job market in 2009 changed my potential for income, and also changed attitudes of job seekers and employers.   It was very clear to me that it was time for me to “follow my heart”.  That is what this website is all about.

I believe the best approach today, is for each of us to become aware of our inner voice, find others that are also on their own path and move from one of victim to one of action .  Action from love and passion and desire to create a better world for ourselves and others.

There are many people today starting businesses and creating groups or organizations that serve others as well as their own paths.  When we know ourselves, our talents, our joys, and incorporate this knowledge with love and respect for others, we can build the plan that we came here to perform in our lives.

I started my journey to discover my personal passions in 2009.  After years of creating a “job” based on outer circumstances, I find it is time to create my life on “inner circumstances”.  What I can do, what I love and care about and how I can create a career around my own beliefs of what is important in this life.

Communities come in all sizes and shapes.  From where we live to what we feel is important, sharing brings us together.  This website is designed to share ideas for small businesses and positive, humanitarian or planet endeavors.  This website community wants to help us all move forward and not be caught in the same old, outdated,  destructive patterns  we’ve experienced in the past.

Stay positive!  Think Change and we can make a world in which we can all live happier, more successful lives.

first step to your dream Best of Luck – Always.


Your Passion – Your  Life – Your Choice!

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There seems to be many changes happening in what we see around us, and looking differently at how we are creating our career path is one way to start feeling more positively about our future.

Take the time to find out more about you!



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By Debbie Foster

Experienced Business Owner, recruiter, teacher, social worker and graphics designer. Awakened at 65 years old and ready to be part of changing our world for the better. It is all about Waking Up and then Finding Your Purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life, but we have been put to sleep by the societies in which we live. Find your Purpose and create your life - the way it should be.

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