banksters are criminals


Another Banking System Corruption Guilty Verdict

banksters are criminals


More and more we are learning about how banking system corruption guilty verdicts are surfacing.   The American Consumers’ lives have been damaged by the deception of the “wrong-doings” by  those that controlled our money system. 

 Oh, but wait, have we, the American Consumer, found relief through the injustices that were brought upon us through these banks’ criminal activities?

 So far, the American Consumer has not received any real relief from the criminal activities of these banks.   As far as I can tell, these banks believe that the power is in their hands to continue to destroy the American Consumers’ lives.

Why is that?

Be sure to watch the video below:

AIS Interviews Ken Dost On Forclosure Remedy – August 24, 2015

Chase fined $216M over debt collection – Bankrate.com

“The bank had been accused of selling bad credit card debt and illegally robo-signing court documents.”

“We will continue to be vigilant in taking action against deceptive debt sales and collections practices that exploit consumers,” CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in a press release.”

Read more: http://www.bankrate.com/financing/credit-cards/chase-fined-216m-over-debt-collection/#ixzz3jmO9HVDG 

So far we have seen the Attorney General state that she is going to stay on top of the corruption practices in our banking system, and here is Mr. Richard Cordray stating the same thing.   As an American Consumer, being part of the system that has proved itself to be corrupt and only acting in a mercenary role, our rights still seem to be in jeopardy.  No matter how many years, we have willingly participated in this system, by believing that to be a “law abiding”, American Citizen, we must play within the rules created by this debt slavery system, our lives are the ones affected negatively and not the “criminals In charge”.    I truly wonder how this can continue, when everyday, we learn more and more about the corruption-based system upon which our banking system was built.  Watch This Video To Learn More: “The American Dream”

The question is, now that we know the corruption that is rampant in our banking system and those that Follow Your Passion - NOWcontrol how and where the money is directed, are we going to stand by and just let our lives be dictated by such thugs?  The following video is a real learning experience about how our mortgages are used for for fraudulent purposes.   Long, but there is no way that most of us have understood exactly how deeply this “rabbit hole” goes.  


I mentioned this in the last article that I wrote about the criminal banking principles.  I am looking to find a true Humanitarian Civil Attorney to represent those of us that have been affected by these deceptive practices.  With the type of support, such as the Attorney General and others saying they are saying about these criminal acts, it is odd that American Consumers are still losing their homes and being harrassed by these convicted organizations.   As a group of American Consumers we certainly are at the receiving end of these crimes.  Our banking system has proved to be based on fradulent behavior, how much more clear does it need to be? An Honest Civil Attorney with Humanitarian Responsible Views, should be able to have no problems proving the case for those 99% individuals that are suffering from the effects of these crimes against the American Consumer and humanity.

The responsible thing to do is to stand up to these guilty corporations.  This is very difficult for the American Consumer to feel that he would have a “fair chance” against a system that has always supported such “bad behavior”.  We are hearing rhetoric from those with authority that there is a change afoot.  

Here is a legal  term that I just learned:

“Shocks The Conscience”

Is It Time For The American Consumer to have a voice?American Consumers - NOW Is The Time

Help me find a Humanitarian Civil Attorney that is ready for the challenge. 

It may be time for us to learn about

“How To Become our own Soveriegn Being”-

in this world of controlled illusions.

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